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Raw Dog Screaming Press CoverRaw Dog Screaming Press holds its first annual DogCon, and Horror DNA was there to partake in the festivities.

Rl Stine Interview CoverChris Shamburger sits down with his childhood hero R.L. Stine, where they discuss Goosebumps, The Haunting Hour and Stine's newest novel Red Rain.



Imperial Youth Review CoverLove superb fiction regardless of genre? Then rejoice: Imperial Youth Review is here to make magazine cool again.



The Untold Tales Of Dog Mendonca And Pizzaboy CoverNot even a hurricane can stop James telling us about the week's horror comics.


Vlad Yudin CoverJames has a chat with the co-creator of Head Smash, the upcoming graphic novel and feature film.



High Fructose Zombies CoverAre you ready for the Sugarpocalypse?  High Fructose Zombies ushers in a new era of candy coated undead.



Hellboy In Hell CoverHe's dead.  Now what?  Mike Mignola speaks!



Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter CoverJames has a chat with the director of The Great Calamity, an animated short film included on the Blu Ray of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.



The Darkness 110 CoverAfter the Rebirth, what's in store for the Top Cow Universe?



Ex Sanguine 01 CoverGet a look at what's coming up in the ever-expanding horror line at Drawing on Your Nightmares: Dark Horse Horror in Comics.



The Darkness 107 CoverJames digs his way out of a pile of horror comics to tell you about the batch for this week.


Hoax Hunters 4 CoverAfter an NYCC fueled delay, James returns with a look at last week's horror comics.


Head Smash CoverGet the lowdown on the upcoming graphic novel and feature film, Head Smash, right from the creators.



Killogy 1 CoverJames has a chat with the creator of Killogy, the upcoming comic from IDW Publishing.



Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter CoverJames got a sneak peek at the special features on the Blu Ray release of the film, plus a look at The Great Calamity short.



Sandman CoverJames reports on the Vertigo: A View from the Cutting Edge of Comics panel.  The folks at the imprint discuss some of the comics on the slate for the next few months.



Harvest 3 CoverThe week before NYCC has a nice variety of horror comics including a whole bushel of Lovecraft tales.


Nycc 2012 Guide CoverLooking for things that go bump in the night as you make your way through New York Comic Con this year? We've got your go-to list of stuff to check out.

Angel And Faith 14 CoverA nice variety of pretty decent titles in this week's horror comics.  James breaks it down.


The Pound Ghouls Night Out CoverLots of new titles to check out in this batch of horror comics.  Check out what was on James' pull list this week!



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