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Hoax Hunters 3 CoverA light week, but one with a lot of variety.  Demons, zombies, vampires, and more in this batch of horror comics.


Harvest 2 CoverSexy ladies, serial killers, and talking monkeys.  Just an average week for horror comics, right?


Joshua Hoffine Interview CoverHorror DNA has the pleasure of sitting down with Joshua Hoffine and having a discussion about his amazing and terrifying horror photographs.

Angel And Faith 13 CoverSome finales, some new beginnings, and a whole lot of blood are in this batch of horror comics.


Frightfest SmallWelcome to Horror DNA's live coverage of Frightfest 2012 – Now updated with Day Five and the top five picks from the weekend.

Lobster Johnson The Prayer Of Nefuru CoverVampires, Zombies, and Aliens!  Oh my!  What's in store for this batch of horror comics?


Alabaster Wolves 5 CoverAliens, zombies, and werewolves, oh my!  James gives us the lowdown on the week's horror comics.


The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Book One Helldiver CoverThe creator of Heavy Metal's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse shares information on the trilogy.



Hoax Hunters 2 CoverA bit later than usual, but James gives us a rundown of last week's horror comics from Buffy to Zombies.


Tshirtbordello Com Cover

Looking for a unique shirt to show your love for the genre? Give Tshirtbordello.com a try.

Community Poster Small

Urban Brit-horror Community sells out its Frightfest screening.


Kill Zombie Dvd Small

Dutch splatterfest Kill Zombie is the next in our Frightfest 2012 Films in Focus

Eduardo Sanchez Large

The director of The Blair Witch Project discusses his latest horror movie, Lovely Molly

Dead Sushi SmallClearly the main contender for the most bizarre film of Frightfest 2012: Dead Sushi

The Possession Small

A malevolent force tears a family apart in The Possession.

Harvest 1 CoverCould this be the most disappointing week of the year in the world of horror comics?


Wonderland 2012 Annual CoverDemons, drag races, and a few trips down the rabbit hole are just some of the horror comics out this week.


Tulpa Poster SmallSexy giallo thriller Tulpa is the next in our Frightfest Films in Focus series.

The Darkness 105 CoverVampires, ghosts, and giant monsters are just some of the creatures you'll encounter in this week's horror comics.


Revival 1 CoverVampires, giant animals, and people that are back from the dead but not quite zombies make up this week's horror comics.



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