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Patrick Prejusa InterviewToday Horror DNA sits down with Monster Cops: The Midnight Special creator Patrick Prejusa and discuss his new movie, REDD.



Ursa Minor 1 CoverZombies, werewolves, apes, and more fill up this week's horror comics.


Rob Anderson InterviewJames Ferguson has a chat with the writer of Rex, Zombie Killer from Big Dog Ink.



Night Of 1000 Wolves 1 CoverA huge amount of high quality horror comics came out this week.  James gives you the rundown on the spooky books.


Lady Death The Beginning 01James takes a look at the horror offerings for this year's Free Comic Book Day.


Mind The Gap 1 CoverA small week for horror fans, but a few notable comics make it worth checking out.


Yam Laranas Interview CoverYam Laranas talks with Horror DNA about his journey down The Road.


Michael L Cavillo CoverGabino pays his respects to friend and author Michael Louis Calvillo.



Road Rage 3 CoverA light week with some highs and lows, James dives in to the horror comics.


Prophet 24 CoverNot one, but two different books with terrifying monkeys this week?  You know that means a good time.


Ryan Andrews SmallRyan Andrews chats to Horror DNA about his forthcoming British horror movie, Elfie Hopkins.

Dana Fredsti CoverToday here at Horror DNA, we are extremely fortunate to have author, actress and sword fighter Dana Fredsti share her thoughts on females in the horror genre.


Want a chance to win Fredsti's Plague Town and have a character named after you in the next book? All you have to do is read on!



Joe Lansdale Interview CoverThe father/daughter duo of Joe and Kasey Lansdale shared words and music with fans in Austin.

68 Scars CoverBuffy, Dancy, Alice, and Orchid. It's a girl-powered week for horror comics.


Strippers Vs Werewolves Dvd Small

We're guessing this episode of The World of Strippers Vs Werewolves will be popular with the boys: Meet the Strippers

Creepy 8 CoverVampires, Ghosts, and a whole bunch of zombies make up this week's horror comics.


Strippers Vs Werewolves Dvd Small

In the first of three features we enter the sexy, hairy, toothy world of Strippers Vs Werewolves. In this feature: Meet the Werewolves

Bprd Hell On Earth The Putnam County Horror 1 CoverA light week but some pretty solid comics. Vampires, the Irish Mob, and Beauty and the Beast.


Tom Woodruff Jr SmallSimon Bland sits down to talk things from another world with the man responsible for the special makeup and creature effects of The Thing.


The Goon 38 CoverJames reads one of the best single issues of the year already?  He finds it in the huge pile of horror comics out this week.



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