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Steve Pattee interviews horror novelist Brian Keene.

Steve Pattee talks with Kevin Kangas about Fear of Clowns and other projects.


Franklin Guerror Jr, director of The 8th Plauge and Carver, answers a few questions from Daniel Benson.

Adam Green Interview Cover

Daniel sits down with Hatchet director, Adam Green.

Fear Of Clowns 2 Cover

Steve Pattee reports from the set of Fear of Clowns 2!


Steve Pattee interviews Nightmare director, Dylan Bank.

Steve Pattee is on location for the premiere of Fear of Clowns 2.

Milos Jovanovic talks with Calvaire director, Fabrice Du Welz.


Rosie Fletcher interviews director Mark Duffiel.



Steve Pattee interviews Leigh Scott.


Rosie Fletcher spends a day on the set of British indie zombie movie, Colin.

Tobin Bell Small

Rosie Fletcher talks to Jigsaw himself, Tobin bell.


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