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Gotham City Monsters 00

Spinning out of Event Leviathan, Frankenstein gets a macabre team together.

Morocco Vaughn Large

Joanna talks with Morocco Vaughn about his first movie, Mollywood.

Demonlover Large

With Demonlover shortly to be released by Arrow Video, Anne Bilson runs down the best of cyber horror.

Death Mark Main

Check out all the horror games you can get your hands on in June.

City Of Others 00

James speaks with the accomplished horror writer on the eve of the 10th Anniversary release of City of Others.

Du Lac And Fey Dance Of Death Large

We talked to Jessica Saunders, founder of Salix Games, about their studio's journey and their latest game release.

Batman Last Knight On Earth 1 Main

James chats with the legendary creative team behind an epic run on Batman, culminating in this new series.

Manor Black 00

James chats with the creative team behind the new terrifying series from Dark Horse Comics

Transformers Ghostbusters 1 Main

James chats with the artist of the upcoming crossover sure to delight inner children everywhere.

Pacific Heights Poster

You might think twice about getting that new roomate or renter.

Horror Games May 2019 Large

Check out all the horror games you can get your hands on in May.

Arrow Records Large

Arrow Records' senior producer gives the low down on what goes into their releases.

Punk Mambo 1 Main

James speaks with the writer of the new Punk Mambo series from Valiant Entertainment.

Rich Tommaso Interview Main

James chats with the writer / artist as Dark Horse celebrates the 20th anniversary of his comic.

House Of Fear Main

James chats with...James about the all ages horror series coming soon from Dark Horse Comics.

Faithless 1 Main

James chats with the writer of the new demonic series from BOOM! Studios.

Devil May Cry 5 Large

Devil May Cry 5 composers Jeff Rona and Cody Matthew Johnson talk about their work on the music for the video game.

Blackwood Large

Get lost in slow-burn horror short Blackwood online for free.

Things Horror Taught Me Large

Horror offers life lessons for all of us, but are you paying attention?

Top 20 Horror Movies Of The 1980s Large

We were sure R.J. was dead and were ready to throw him a New Orleans-style sendoff, but right before we were going to pull the trigger on payment, he hits us with this list. Welcome back, R.J.!


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