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Breathe Breathe Erin Al Mehairi Cover

Breath. Breathe. author Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi uses music to explain how you might like poetry, even if you think you don't.

The Night Dahlia Rs Belcher Cover

The Night Dahlia author, R.S. Belcher, stops by with a guest post!

Friday The 13th Cover

Filmmakers David Buchert and Robert Ziegler share their love letter to the franchise – a flim by fans for fans.

Lin Shaye Small

Joel Harley enters The Further for a chat with genre icon and Insidious star Lin Shaye.

Space Nightmare Small

Author and publisher Eddie Generous shares his idea of Freddy Kreuger...in space!

Cthulhu Concertina Guest Cover

Artist Lyndon White, creator of a new Cthulhu concertina book, shares some spooky adaptations of classic literature.

Vampironica 1 Cover

Writers Greg and Megan Smallwood share what led to the newest Archie Horror title.

Critters 4 Cover

Author and editor Eddie Generous stops by and shares his thoughts on some horror in space films.

Fortnite Small1

Ryan takes a second from building and fighting to wonder... Is Fortnite actually a horror game?

Frightfest 2017 Small

Nope, not even the wrath of storm Emma and the Beast from the East could put a stop to it...

Kelly Maxwell Small

With Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead almost upon us, Dana Delorenzo gave us the lowdown on what's to come.

Carnivals Toybox Small

You're never too old for toys...

Ray Santiago Small

With Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead almost upon us, we got a chance to quiz Ray Santiago over what to expect.

Nightbird Cover

Nightbird author, David Busboom, shares with us five interesting guests!

Matt Manochio The Highwayman Cover

Author Matt Manochio shares the story behind his novel, The Highwayman.

The Exorcist Stage Small

May the power of the theatre compel you...

The Babysitter Cover

As usual, I'm later than most with my 2017 list. I WAS BUSY, OKAY!

Leatherface Dvd Small 02

We have an exclusive clip from Leatherface that will put your teeth on edge!

Creep 2

Joel's faves from the genre in 2017

Jrrr Hardison Grady Hendrix Interview Cover

When you get the opportunity of one author interviewing another, you take it.


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