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Under A Watchful Eye Adam Nevill Cover

Tony shares his top 10 horror novels of the year.

Breathe Breathe Cover

Breathe. Breathe. author Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi shares a delightful list of her favorite winter classics with us.

The Unsound 1 Cover

Counting down the scariest funny books of the year and there were a ton to choose from.

Jackals Blu Ray Cover

The writer of Jackals stops by for a guest post, plus there's a link to a very cool giveaway!

Apocalypse Small

Doesn't anyone ever think of the practicalities?

The Ghost Club William Meikle Cover

Author and editor William Meikle shares some scares.

Hardened Cover

Author and Unnerving publisher, Eddie Generous, shares with us his experiences being a publisher as well as some tips for writers submitting their work.

It Came From The Vault 2017 Cover

My, how far we have come.

Frightfest Halloween Small

A round up of up and coming movies screened at Frightfest Halloween this year.

Warren Speed Small

Warren Speed, director of the infamous Zombie Women of Satan, writes exclusively for Horror DNA on his new horror film, Dirty Tuppence.

Dead By Daylight Small

Everyone here loves horror, Halloween, and listicles. So here are 13 horror games looking to trick and treat you this Halloween.

Stranger Things Bingo Card Small

Watching Stranger Things Season 2? Check off the squares on this exclusive Bingo Card!

Halloween Small

Ren takes a retrospective look at arguably the most iconic Halloween movie ever.

Modern Dread Cover

Ryan Fassett, the co-writer of the Modern Dread anthology comic shares his first run-in with the genre.

Twisted Showcase Small

Season 4 Episode 2 of Twisted Showcase is here. Watch now.

Fnsharp Small

How would the blade-wielding figures of horror look if there were no knives?

Jigsaw Small

With Jigsaw coming soon to UK cinemas, we take a look at some of the most iconic characters in horror.

Nycc Lore Cover 1

James experiences Amazon's Lore firsthand on the floor of New York Comic Con.

Nycc Skybound Cover

Get the latest from the Image Comics imprint with tons of genre titles from New York Comic Con.

Twisted Showcase Small

The short horror series is back, and available to watch now.


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