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Nightwing Blu Ray Poster

Native American terrors of the 1970s Double Feature!

Perversion Story Blu Ray Poster

Zig checks out this early work from director Lucio Fulci.

The Dark Poster

Mina isn’t your average flesh-eating monster, yet she’s one we all know.

Possum Poster

You thought you knew how dark a “fairy tale” could be? Think again.

Bonehill Road Poster

That phrase “so bad it’s good”? Yeah…buckle up.

Family Of Fear Poster

Who says monsters and lunatics with chainsaws can’t be beneficial to your health and well-being?

Johnny Gruesome Small

A film that seems like a Halloween match made in heaven quickly finds its way straight to Hell.

Silencio Cover

Greg can't stay silent about Silencio.

Welcome To Mercy Cover

Mercy, absolution, freedom…what do you want to get out of your possession?

Trauma Blu Ray Poster

Chile is a scary place.

Killer Kate Small

While formulaic, Killer Kate! is still a fun slasher movie.

The Book Of Birdie Cover

These nuns have never seen anything like Birdie. You haven’t either…

Butterfly Kisses Cover

When found footage, documentary, and meta all hook up, don’t blink at the offspring.

Suspiria Cover

Can Luca Guadagnino's reimagining hold a candle to Dario Argento's original?

Creepshow Blu Ray Cover

George Romero and Stephen King deliver five jolting tales of terror and a lot of fun.

Look Away Cover

Is growing up privileged all it’s cracked up to be? Look in the mirror and ask yourself…

The Church Cover

I hate to see a good premise wasted, but I suppose church is a good place for that.

Rabbit Poster

Rabbit is polished and produced and ultimately kind of forgettable. But there are magic twins!

Halloween 2018 Small

The night Laurie kicked some ass.

Down A Dark Hall Cover

At Blackwood School, Madame Duret will bring out your talents…even if you don’t have any!


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