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Dawn CoverNeon Maniac reviews Dawn

Days Of Darkness SmallDaniel Benson reviews Days of Darkness.

Dead And Breakfast CoverViolence, blood and comedy reign in Dead & Breakfast.

DhcoverDaniel Benson reviews Dead Hunt

DeadmarycoverEric Strauss reviews Dead Mary

DvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Dead Meat

Little Red Riding Hood And Other Stories Large

ZigZag checks out Little Red Riding Hood (and other stories), starring a 16-year-old Christina Ricci.

CoverWith all these reviews ZigZag is pumping out lately, we may have to change the site name to ZigZagTalk.

Here's another indie that Zig felt frustrated by.

Bon Bon Rouges CoverZigZag checks an indie film starring Canadian scream queen Isabelle Stephen!

CoverZigZag gives Transmorphers: Fall of Man a spin and claims it "...is guaranteed to thrill audiences…or at least to stay in sync."

What does that even mean?

Read more to find out!

CoverZig reviews Kids Go to the Woods… Kids Get Dead and says it "...is a highly entertaining movie that perfectly captures the fun of the late night goofs."

Warning, NSFW images when you click that read more!

Dead Men Walking CoverSteve Pattee reviews The Asylum release of Dead Men Walking.

DOA CoverRosie Fletcher reviews Dead or Alive: Final

DvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Dead Women In Lingerie

DeadencoverEric Strauss reviews Deaden

Deadhunter FrtDaniel Benson reviews Deadhunter: Sevillian Zombies

CoverEric Strauss reviews Deadlands: The Rising

DeadscapescoverMilos Jovanovic reviews Deadscapes: Broken Road

Deadscapes Ii Cover

Milos gives the sequal to Deadscapes: Broken Road a spin.

Death Of A Ghost Hunter CoverSteve Pattee reviews Death of a Ghost Hunter.


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