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Flesh For The Beast CoverThough is has its flaws, Flesh for the Beast is an engaging film and its DVD is well worth a look from horror fans.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

Flight Of The Living Dead Outbreak On A Plane CoverFlight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane...you knew it was inevitable after Snakes on a Plane


Fs CoverDaniel Benson reviews Gareth Evans' Footsteps

FMTSMcoverRosie Fletcher reviews Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster

Frankenstein Reborn Cover

The Asylum updates a classsic with Frankenstein Reborn.

FreakoutDaniel Benson reviews Freak Out

Freaks Poster

Steve gets down with Tod Browning's Freaks

CoverSteve Pattee reviews Frostbitten (aka Frostbite, aka Frostbiten)

PosterRosie Fletcher reviews Frostbite

Furnace CoverBeautiful location, great cast, bad movie. 


CoverSteve Pattee reviews The Garden

DvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews The Gathering

The Ghost Cover

Steve Pattee reviews The Ghost (aka Ryeong).

Ghost Game CoverWhen staying in an isolated cabin on a remote island, is playing a game called Ghost Game really your best option?

MN CoverRosie Fletcher reviews Ghost of Mae Nak

GhostsEdendaleCoverSteve Pattee reviews The Ghosts of Edendale

Ghosts Of Mars Dvd Small

Eric Strauss reviews John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars

New York Blood CoverZigZag reviews the indie New York Blood. Warning! Contains images Not Safe For Work!

Black Santas Revenge CoverZigZag reviews Black Santa's Revenge, starring Ken Foree!


Warning! Contains images Not Safe For Work!


Gutterballs CoverZigZag reviews Gutterballs. Warning! Images within are Not Safe For Work!



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