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CoverIn Dark Sky Films' latest release, Plague Town, Steve Pattee questions, "If babies aren't dying, then seemingly evil priests are. Can it get any better than this?"


Well, can it?


Read more to find out!

CoverSteve Pattee takes a look at Bublenutz Production's completed (up to this point) Welcome to Dreadville series.

The House Of Usher CoverMiloš reviews The House of Usher.

HouseOfWaxCoverSteve Pattee reviews the 1953 version of House of Wax

HouseWax05CoverSham reviews the 2005 version of House of Wax

CoverSteve Pattee reviews The Human Factor

DVDcoverNeon Maniac reviews Skinned Deep

Cover When Steve Pattee isn't pining over Andrew Prine, he's crushing on Barbara Steele. So he should be fairly happy with The She-Beast, no? I mean there's Barbara Steele on the cover!


"It certainly doesn't help that Barbara Steele, the woman on about every poster, box cover and lobby card promoting this movie, is only in the film for about 20 minutes," says Steve Pattee. Oh boy.


He has some mixed feelings on The She-Beast, so tick that "Read More" to read what he has to say!

Simon King Of Witches CoverSteve Pattee reviews Simon, King of Witches.


Warning! Review contains images Not Safe For Work!

The Centerfold Girls Cover

Steve Pattee thinks he is "...developing a man crush on Andrew Prine," the star of Dark Sky Film's latest release The Centerfold Girls.

Sometimes we worry about that boy.

HungerCoverDaniel Benson reviews The Hunger

Hunting Humans Cover

Hunting Humans was addressing serial killers hunting each other well before Dexter came onto the scene.

IHateYouPosterSteve Pattee reviews I Hate You

DvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Ice Queen

In Darkness CoverMilos reviews the indie short In Darkness.


Incident At Blood Gorge CoverDaniel Benson investigates the Incident at Blood Gorge.

InvitationCoverEric Strauss reviews Invitation (aka Terror at Baxter U)

Isolation CoverRosie Fletcher reviews Isolation

JacketCoverSham reviews The Jacket

JacHydeCoverSteve Pattee reviews Jacqueline Hyde


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