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Cover "Porn Shoot Massacre is a title that is almost critic-proof. Nobody watching this should be expecting Kubrick," says ZigZag. He says a lot more than that, too. Click that "Read more..." link to, uh, read more!

Warning! There are images in the review that are not safe for work. C'mon people! Look at the title!

Cover ZigZag checks out Bone House Asia's latest release, Late Bloomer!

JasonXCoverSham reviews Jason X

Jemima CoverPhotographic Trophy picks up where Jemima: Dating is Murder left off and does the inevitable, unneeded, backstory.

Jemima Dating Is Murder Cover

Jemima. Hot. Smart. Serial killer.

JollyCoverSteve Pattee reviews Jolly Roger: Massacre At Cutter's Cove

Journey Of The Doomed CoverZigZag reviews Journey of the Doomed.


JustinecoverSteve Pattee reviews Justine (aka Cruel Passion

OTBPCoverSteve Pattee reviews Off the Beaten Path

Oculus Chapter 3 Cover

Who would have thought a movie about a mirror would be so goddamn terrifying.

CoverSteve Pattee reviews Nutcracker: An American Nightmare

Now You See Me Now You Dont CoverNow You See Me, Now You Don't, kids are creepy. What.


DvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Nothing

NikosCoverEric Strauss reviews Nikos the Impaler

CoverZigZag gives Ninjas Vs. Zombies a spin. Is the movie as awesome as the title suggests? Is that Horror DNA's very own Hitman in that screenshot? Was that Joe "Timewarp" Ripple? You'll have to read the review to find out -- but make sure you don't do it at work, as this review has some unsafe images!

CoverSteve Pattee checks out Well Go USA's latest release, The Death Factory Bloodletting, the newest from the team the brought you Death of a Ghost Hunter.


Warning, the review contains images not safe for work!


CoverSteve Pattee reviews Nightmares & Dreamscapes

CoverSteve Pattee reviews Nightmare

The Cremator CoverSteve checks out Dark Sky Films' latest release The Cremator.



Neon Maniac reviews Night of the Demons


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