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dvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Ice Queen

In Darkness CoverMilos reviews the indie short In Darkness.


Incident At Blood Gorge CoverDaniel Benson investigates the Incident at Blood Gorge.

InvitationCoverEric Strauss reviews Invitation (aka Terror at Baxter U)

Isolation coverRosie Fletcher reviews Isolation

JacketCoverSham reviews The Jacket

JacHydeCoverSteve Pattee reviews Jacqueline Hyde


ZigZag keeps cranking them out, this time with a review of Night of the Living Jews. He really liked this short, saying, "Oliver Noble's Night of the Living Jews offers something few titles have delivered…entertainment."

Tap that "Read more...", and see what else ZigZag had to say! WARNING! NSFW images within!

Amateur Porn Star Killer CoverApparently, ZigZag is on a porn-horror trip today. First he reviewed Porn Shoot Massacre, now he's peeping the Amateur Porn Star Killer series.


Look at that title before you click "Read more...". Do you really think this review is going to be work safe? Because we promise you, it's not.

Porn Shoot Massacre Poster "Porn Shoot Massacre is a title that is almost critic-proof. Nobody watching this should be expecting Kubrick," says ZigZag. He says a lot more than that, too. Click that "Read more..." link to, uh, read more!

Warning! There are images in the review that are not safe for work. C'mon people! Look at the title!

Late Bloomer DVD Cover ZigZag checks out Bone House Asia's latest release, Late Bloomer!

JasonXCoverSham reviews Jason X

Jemima CoverPhotographic Trophy picks up where Jemima: Dating is Murder left off and does the inevitable, unneeded, backstory.

Jemima Dating Is Murder Cover

Jemima. Hot. Smart. Serial killer.

JollyCoverSteve Pattee reviews Jolly Roger: Massacre At Cutter's Cove

Journey Of The Doomed CoverZigZag reviews Journey of the Doomed.


justinecoverSteve Pattee reviews Justine (aka Cruel Passion

OTBPCoverSteve Pattee reviews Off the Beaten Path

Oculus Chapter 3 Cover

Who would have thought a movie about a mirror would be so goddamn terrifying.

coverSteve Pattee reviews Nutcracker: An American Nightmare


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