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Raging Sharks Large

Ron goes swimming with Raging Sharks.

Rape Is A Circle 01

Eric Strauss reviews Rape is a Circle

Recon 2020 The Caprini Massacre Large

Eric Strauss reviews Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre

Recon 2020 The Caprini Massacre Dvd Large

Eric Strauss reviews Recon 2020: The Caprini Massacre.

Recon 2022 The Mezzo Incident Large

Eric Strauss reviews Recon 2022: The Mezzo Incident.


Steve Pattee reviews The Red Shoes

Red Victoria Cover

Steve Pattee returns from the Texas Frigtmare Weekend with a copy of Red Victoria.

Redneck Zombies Large

DamnationDoorMat reviews Redneck Zombies


Eric Strauss reviews The Relic

Requiem Cover

Rosie Fletcher reviews Requiem


Steve Pattee reviews Resident Demon


Eric Strauss reviews Resident Evil: Special Edition

Resident Evil Extinction Cover

Rosie Fletcher reviews Resident Evil: Extinction.


Sham reviews Rest Stop


Rosie Fletcher reviews The Return

Revenge Of The Dead Small

Revenge of the Dead is your standard 10 minute short, complete with zombie rape. Wait...what?

Ricco The Mean Machine Cover

Chris Mitchum is Ricco, a man fresh out of the pokey trying to live the straight and narrow until his mother pushes him into violence. You read that right.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!


Daniel Benson reviews Rigor Mortis: The Final Colours


Eric Strauss reviews Sacred Flesh

Salems Lot 2004 Cover

So they updated the 1979 TV mini-series Salem's Lot. How is it? Surprisingly decent.


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