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The Living And The Dead Cover

The Living and the Dead DVD review.

Livelihood Cover

Nothing says rock and roll like drugs and...zombies.

Lifeforce Cover

Eric Strauss reviews the often under-appreciated Tobe Hooper film Lifeforce.

Legion Of The Dead Cover

Legion of the Dead makes you wonder who woulda thought mummies could be so hot.

Ls Small

Daniel Benson reviews The Last Sect


Daniel Benson reviews Last Exit

The Last Broadcast Cover

Steve reviews The Last Broadcast.


Rosie Fletcher reviews Lady in the Water


Neon Maniac reviews The Night Stalker / Night Strangler Kolchak Double Feature

CoverSteve Pattee reviews King of the Lost World


Sham reviews the King Kong Collector's Edition


Daniel Benson reviews KillerKiller.


Neon Maniac reviews Kibakichi


Steve Pattee reviews KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person


Steve Pattee reviews Perth

Pitch Black Dvd Small

Eric Strauss reviews Pitch Black

Popcorn Elite Dvd

Neon Maniac reviews Popcorn.

Dread Cover

ZigZag reviews Dread. Hate is not a strong enough word for his feelings on it.

Deadlands 2 Trapped Cover

Steve gives Deadlands 2: Trapped a spin.

Red Victoria Cover

Red Victoria is the best/worst muse EVER.


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