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Night Of The Bloody Apes CoverWith a title like Night of the Bloody Apes, you know you are in for a good time.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

coverEric Strauss reviews Next Door (aka Naboer)

NCdvdcoverNeon Maniac reviews Natural City

Zone Of The Dead Large

Some of you may have read the news on Zone of the Dead, the recently finished Serbian zombie movie starring Ken Foree. But how many of you have read the review? We here at Horror DNA are betting not many, because we dang well might have one of the first reviews out there!

Miloš has managed to get a screener of this much buzzed about movie, and he liked it a whole bunch, at one point comparing Ken Foree to John Wayne!

Netherbeast Incorporated CoverSteve Pattee reviews NetherBeast Incorporated.


nailscoverDaniel Benson reviews Nails (aka Gvozdi)


Neon Maniac reviews My Skin! / Scream For Me Double Feature


Daniel Benson reviews Murder Set Pieces


Milos Jovanovic reviews The Murder Game


Neon Maniac reviews Mummy An' The Armadillo


Daniel Benson reviews Monsturd


Eric Strauss reviews the Danger After Dark Collection (Suicide Club, 2LDK and Moon Child)


Milos Jovanovic reviews Mobius


Sham reviews Mindhunters

Monster Cops The Midnight Special Cover

Have werewolf problems? Vampire issues? Zombies got you down? Call the Monster Cops!


Eric Strauss reviews Midnight Skater

Midnight Mass Cover

Steve Pattee heads to a Midnight Mass and finds nothing but disappointment.


Eric Strauss reviews Mexican Werewolf in Texas

Chop Shop Cover

Eric Strauss reviews Chop Shop.


Eric Strauss reviews Mercy


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