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Sham reviews Wet Asphalt.


Sham reviews When a Killer Calls


Daniel Benson reviews The Wickeds, starring Ron Jeremy. Contains some NSFW images.


Rosie Fletcher reviews Wilderness

Willard Dvd Large

Never mess with a man who keeps rats as pets.

Witchfinder General Cover

Practicers of the dark arts need to beware of the Witchfinder General. Well, pretty much everyone needs to be on the look out.


Steve Pattee reviews Without Warning

Wizard Of Gore Cover

ZigZag reviews The Wizard of Gore (2007). Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

A World Without Thieves Large

Steve checks out the latest Tartan Release: A World Without Thieves.

Za Zombies Anonymous Large

Steve Pattee reviews ZA: Zombies Anonymous.

The Zodiac Large

Sham reviews The Zodiac.

Zombie Honeymoon Large

Daniel Benson reviews Zombie Honeymoon.

Zombie Night Large

Ron Williams reviews Zombie Night.

Zombies Zombies Zombies Large

Daniel Benson reviews Zombies Zombies Zombies.


Steve Pattee didn't find much to like about Visits: Hungry Ghost Anthology and says, "If the movie had come out during the peak of genre, it may have been an adequate rental to substitute for Ringu or Ju-on, but even then just barely."

Beneath The Surface CoverBeneath the Surface never even rises to mediocrity.

American Zombie Cover

Steve Pattee reviews American Zombie.

Blackwater Valley Exorcism SmallBlackwater Valley Exorcism review.


Are You Rei Cover

This third film released in the "Welcome to Dreadville" series is actually the first in the timeline.

Blade House Of Chthon SmallBlade comes to the small screen to fight vampires, with Kirk Jones taking over for Wesley Snipes.



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