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Steve Pattee reviews Silk

Slashers, the game show you will want to avoid being a contestant of.

Slaughter Disc CoverPorn and horror don't necessarily mix.

WARNING! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

Slaughter Night Cover

When your evening is called Slaughter Night, you know you're in for trouble.


Steve Pattee reviews Slayer


Eric Strauss reviews Slip

A Snake Of June Large

How about a little erotica to brighten up the day? Assuming, of course, you like your erotica a little on the naughtier side.


Eric Strauss reviews Snakes on a Train


Neon Maniac reviews Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day

Snuff A Documentary About Killing On Camera Cover

Think there's no such thing as a real snuff film? This documentary might change your mind.


Daniel Benson reviews Snuff Movie

Contains NSFW images!


Steve Pattee reviews Sometimes They Come Back


Rosie Fletcher reviews Spirit Trap


Rosie Fletcher reviews Soul Searcher


Eric Strauss reviews Stacy


Steve Pattee reviews Stakes

Stephen Kings It Small Cover

Tim Curry destroys as Pennywise, everyone's favorite clown from Stephen King's IT.

Stephen Kings The Shining Small

Kubrick shmubrick. Steve tells you why Stephen King's The Shining is the one to watch if you are a fan of the novel.

Storm Cover

DVD review of Storm


Eric Strauss reviews Strange Circus


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