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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 Cover

Eric Strauss reviews the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Them Cover

Rosie Fletcher reviews Them

A Thousand Words Bloodline Large

You always want to be careful on who you are messing with.


Daniel Benson reviews The Toybox

Tragic Ceremony Cover

Camille Keaton is pretty much the only reason to watch Tragic Ceremony.

WARNING! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!


Daniel Benson reviews TrashHouse.

Triad Election Cover

Steve reviews Triad Election.

Trilogy Of Terror Cover

There might be three tales, but there's only one doll.


Daniel Benson reviews UKM: Ultimate Killing Machine


Sham reviews Unborn But Forgotten


Eric Strauss reviews the unrated, extended cut of Underworld.

Ut Cover

Urinal cakes come to life and eat people in Urine Trouble. Daniel Benson tries to keep it in his pants for safety's sake.

Us Sinners Cover

ZigZag reviews Us Sinners.


Steve Pattee and Eric Strauss team up to review Vampire Sisters


Eric Strauss reviews Vampire Wars


Steve Pattee reviews Vampires: Los Muertos

Versus Cover

Eric Strauss reviews Versus.

The Victim Cover

Steve Pattee reviews The Victim.


Steve Pattee reviews Violent Midnight


Daniel Benson reviews Visions of Suffering


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