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Adrift Cover

Rosie Fletcher reviews Adrift.

Asylum Cover

Rosie pays a visit to the Asylum

Andre The Butcher Cover

Sham reviews Andre the Butcher.

The Beast Must Die Cover

Looking for a movie that has Peter Cushing and kind of a werewolf? Well, look no further!

Bloody Ties CoverSteve Pattee reviews Bloody Ties


Steve Pattee reviews August Underground: Mordum

Definitely NSFW!

Ab Normal Beauty Cover

Sham reviews Ab-Normal Beauty.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

Biohazardous CoverEric Strauss reviews Biohazardous

August Underground Cover

Steve Pattee reviews August Underground.

Note, there are images within that are Not Safe For Work.

Beast Of Bray Road Cover

The Asylum delivers a fun werewolf flick in The Beast of Bray Road.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!


Neon Maniac reviews The Bela Lugosi Collection

Blood Relic CoverNeon Maniac investigates the mystery of the Blood Relic.

Warning! This review contains images Not Safe For Work!

Battlefield Baseball Cover

Baseball is as American as apple pie, but when you sprinkle some Japanese on it, it becomes Battlefield Baseball. Who wouldn't want to go to this game?

Bell Witch Haunting CoverThe Bell Witch Haunting goes into far more detail of the Bell Witch history than the bigger budgeted The Haunting.

The Bad Seed Cover

Rhoda is a precious child. Is it really her fault that people have a tendency to die around her?

Aswang Cover

Dan explores the legend of Aswang.

DlcoverDaniel Benson reviews the Dutch zombie movie Deadline

28 Days Later Region 2 Cover

Daniel Benson reviews the Region 2 release of 28 Days Later.

Blade Ii CoverWesley Snipes returns as the vampire destroyer in the Guillermo del Toro directed Blade II.

Jeepers Creepers CoverJeepers Creepers, Steve now knows where the Creeper got his peepers.


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