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Darlin Poster Large

From Frightfest 2019, the directorial debut of Pollyanna McIntosh

Magnificent Obsession Of Michael Reeves Poster Large

One of the most promising filmmakers whose life ended too soon.

The Furies Poster Large

Battle Royale crossed with Hostel.

Volition Poster Large

Timecrimes meets True Romance meets Looper in this well-crafted Canadian sci-fi thriller.

The Wind Poster Large

From Arrow Video Frightfest 2019, Ren takes a look at Emma Tammi's The Wind

Feedback Poster Large

Alpha Papa, is that you?

Ghost Killers Vs Bloody Mary Poster Large

Who you gonna call?

Sadistic Intentions Poster Large

An eerie 80 minutes of perverse house invasion hell awaits...

Harpoon Poster Large

Chekhov's harpoon gun.

Bullets Of Justice Poster Large

Bullets of Justice, geddit, because the main character's name is Rob Justice. We hope you liked that one, because that's the big punchline.

The Deeper You Dig Poster Large

A DIY indie horror as beautiful as it is bloody

Dark Encounter Poster Large

From Frightfest 2019, Ren checks out Carl Strathie's sci-fi shocker.

Crawl Poster Large

Welcome... to Alligator Park! An adventure 37 million years in the making.

The Velocipastor Large

Bless me, VelociPastor, for I have definitely sinned. Also, ninjas are following me. Help. 

Cruising Large

Al Pacino goes deep undercover in this controversial thriller.

The New Kids Large

Zig goes back to school with the new kids.

Vice Squad Large

Zig hits the streets with working girls and killer pimps.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Large

A harsh reminder we can’t reclaim the glory of our youth.

The Night Sitter Large

Blending together evil witches, disobedient kids, hot (and conniving) babysitters, and Christmas sounds like my kind of part-time gig!

Luz Large

Blasphemy, possession, drink, drugs, & lesbian obsession in beautifully grainy 16mm!


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