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Eyes Of Laura Mars Blu Ray Large

Zig gets fooled by this clever murder mystery.

Ill Take Your Dead Blu Ray Large

A decent tale gets spoiled by the supernatural.

The Andromeda Strain Blu Ray Large

Zig gets freaked out by science!

Room For Rent Large

John packs his bags to stay in a Room for Rent.

The Seduction Blu Ray Large

Zig gets seduced by this Morgan Fairchild stalker flick.

The Entity Blu Ray Large

An intense supernatural tale of sexual assault.

Possession Diaries Large

This is a terrible movie.

Tetsuo The Iron Man Large

30 years on, Tsukamoto's cyber-punk classic still strikes a chord.

Killer Party Large

Channelling Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe with the sleaze and debauchery of the social elites.

Mollywood Large

Despite a really good performance by the killer, Mollywood leaves a lot to be desired.

Trapped Alive Blu Ray Large

A lost gem of a mutant cannibal film from the 1980s.

Ma Large

Welcome to Ma Ma Land…

Earthquake Blu Ray Large

Zig gets all shook up over this cult classic!

The Final Land Large

In space, the audience watches you do... everything.

Starfish Large

This mixtape will save the world.

When A Stranger Calls Back Blu Ray Large

Zig is blown away by this one's opening act.

Aniara Large

Existential dread is some scary stuff if you let it be.

Artist Depiction Large

How NASA uses artists to depict the universe and the future.

After The Lethargy Large

Lethargy is right, you'll tire of this quickly.

One Must Fall Large

A fresh and original approach to the slasher genre.


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