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Woman Chasing The Butterfly Of Death Large

Zig checks out this truly bizarre slice of Korean cinema.

Trash Large

Don’t dig too deeply in the town landfill…the garbage isn’t the worst thing there.

Happy Face Poster Large

From 2019, Simi takes a look at Happy Face.

Dead Dicks Poster Large

What do you get with multiple dead brothers called Richie?

Holiday Hell Large

Break out the Santa suit and whiskey, grab your bloody dreidel, and carefully pick the perfect Christmas horror.

Puppet Killer Poster Large

A sure-fire festival favourite.

Door In The Woods Large

If you go down in the woods today... you might find a door?

Smiling Woman Large

No one that smiles like that can be trusted, especially when they can text you without a damn phone!

The Fan Large

A classy '80s thriller with some slasher elements for genre fans.

Flowers In The Attic Large

V.C. Andrews' classic novel goes Hollywood.

Road Games Large

A suspenseful thriller set in the Australian Outback.

The Ringu Collection Large

A franchise about a cursed videotape is just as scary on Blu-ray.

The Shed Large

Be careful who you pick on – they may just have access to a vampire. Revenge is thirsty business.

Ellipse Large

If you like space travel and crying, this is your jam.

Tennessee Gothic Large

Anyone that sexy and available is probably someone you should be cautious with. Just sayin’.

Beyond The Door Iii Large

Zig hops aboard a crazy train.

Unmasked Part 25 Large

An ambitious romantic/horror/comedy hybrid worth checking out.

Berserker Large

A Norwegian urban legend proves quite grizzly.

Red Letter Day Us Large

Greg received a Red Letter in the mail, but the movie was too fun to kill.

In Search Of Darkness Large

Go back to ‘80s horror with the stars who lived it. The horror is strong in this one.


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