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The Rizen Possession Large

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The Brain Blu Ray Large

A love letter to '50s sci/fi monsters full of '80s cheese.

Saint Bernard Large

You want weird? You sure? I’m asking twice as a disclaimer…

The Devils Nightmare Blu Ray Large

Zig checks out this '70s horror featuring an ancient family curse involving the Devil and a sexy succubus.

Scary Stories Large

Greg hears lots of stories about Scary Stories.

The Corruption Of Chris Miller Blu Ray Large

Zig takes Chris Miller out for a spin and has a nice time.

Terror 5 Dvd Large

A disappointing anthology from Argentina.

Charlie Says Large

A painfully frank and beautiful movie that depresses, enrages, and empowers. 

Shed Poster Large

Filmed during a hurricane for $25,000. But does it hit the spot?

Grandmothers House Blu Ray Large

Finally! A film about creepy senior citizens.

Darkroom Blu Ray Large

A decent dose of post-slasher '80s horror.

I Spit On Your Grave Deja Vu Large

What, again?

Shed Of The Dead Large

Shaun of the Dead. With a shed.

Thriller Large

A Compton slasher never felt so safe. Where’s the fear?

I Trapped The Devil Large

The Devil is in the basement, and all the evil in the future sits behind a couple of padlocks and a cross?!

Scared Stiff Blu Ray Large

Spooky fun times in a haunted house!

Black Site Large

The cosmos holds a surprising amount of action in proportion to the light amount of horror.

Superstition Blu Ray Large

Beware the witch.

Tarantula Blu Ray Large

A giant spider erupts from your nightmares to terrorize a small community.

The Unseen Large

The Unseen is a movie about family obligations and also turning invisible.


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