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Prospect Large

An intriguing movie with a sophisticated sense of design and aesthetics.

Elizabeth Harvest Large

A complex, slow-burn mystery...

The Manitou Blu Ray Large

Tony Curtis fights a Native American fetus monster!

The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires Blu Ray Large

Black belt meets black magic with these amazing kung-fu vampires!

The Iguana With The Tongue Of Fire Blu Ray Large

Finally - a giallo where every one is a suspect!

The Haunting Of Sharon Tate Large

This is not what dreams are made of…

Book Of Monsters Large

UK horror with plenty of the wet stuff and a reek of the high cheese. Sound tasty?

Warning Sign Blu Ray Large

A 1980s germ warfare nightmare.

Pet Sematary Large

A cat steals the show as Pet Sematary takes us through the ABC’s of horror clichés.

The Tattooist Large

The Tattooist leaves nothing permenant with the audence. 

The Man Who Killed Hitler Then Bigfoot Large

That title. And it's not entirely what you'd expect.

Leprechaun Returns Large

He's back, but is it the Leprechaun we know and love?

The Street Fighter Collection Blu Ray Large

If you've gotta fight – fight dirty!

The Witches Blu Ray Large

Hammer Films delivers a spooky tale of witchcraft.

Dominique Blu Ray Large

Zig checks out this old fashioned ghost story with a twist.

Division 19 Large

If only the IMDB synopsis was accurate.

Hell Fest Large

Go to Hell Fest, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

The Suckling Blu Ray Large

Pro life or pro choice? Zig is pro monster!

Sister Street Fighter Collection Blu Ray Large

Sisters are doin' it for themselves.


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