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Red Letter Day Us Large

Greg received a Red Letter in the mail, but the movie was too fun to kill.

In Search Of Darkness Large

Go back to ‘80s horror with the stars who lived it. The horror is strong in this one.

Doctor Sleep Poster Large

Flanagan meets King meets Kubrick.

Countdown Poster Large

Elizabeth Lail is app-solutely superb in this fun and often-terrifying tale.

The Devil Rides Out Large

Zig summons the Devil in this classic Hammer chiller.

Two Evil Eyes Large

Argento, Romero and Poe - You have Zig's attention.

She Never Died Poster Large

He Never Died cinematic universe, anyone?

Scooter Large

Strap in (or don’t; you’re probably safe) for a very pedestrian ride through potentially dark territory.

An American Werewolf In London Large

Beware the Moon.

The Blob Large

Terror has no shape!

The Dead Center Large

An ancient evil haunts a mental hospital.

Girl On The Third Floor Large

Man’s darkest desires have a new residence…or is it an old one?

Extra Ordinary Poster Large

The League of Gentlemen meets Derry Girls in this Irish horror comedy.

Little Monsters Large

A comedy trapped in a horror movie, where everyone is the most interesting person in the world.

Portals Large

Yeah, what’s behind that blackness is as bad as you think it is. Are you going to step through?

Trick Large

Is Trick a treat?

Harpoon Poster Large

Chekhov's harpoon gun.

Killer Nun Large

From the secret files of the Vatican!

Empathy Inc Large

Mulling it over, if you need a VR program to feel empathy, you might already be a sociopath.

Red Letter Day Poster Large

A missed opportunity to explore a breakdown of society.


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