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Kalifornia Blu Ray Large

 Driving cross country can be murder.

Dont Leave Home Large

Tailor-made for fans of the atmospheric slow burn and religious guilt, it’s time for non-sexual flagellation!

The Clovehitch Killer Blu Ray Large

Zig asks "Is my dad a serial killer?"

Redcon 1 Blu Ray Large

Time to kick zombie ass.

Battle For The Lost Planet Blu Ray Large

Epic battles on a micro budget.

Burning Men Large

Peepshow's Jeremy Wooding brings us an altogether different experience.

Willard 2003 Blu Ray Large

Crispin Glover shines in this dark tale of a man and his rats.

Party Line Blu Ray Large

Before you could swipe left or right, there were party lines.

Wacko Blu Ray Large

Before Scary Movie there was Wacko!

Terrortory Ii Large

Grab your hiking boots and step into a new world of horror in this smart anthology.

Audition Blu Ray Large

An anti-Valentine from Japan!

Happy Death Day 2u Large

Tree returns to get murdered every day. Again.

The Return Of The Vampire Large

Bela Lugosi returns as a vengeful vampire!

St Agatha Large

The convent isn’t always the safest place. Sometimes it’s the exact opposite.

The Prodigy Large

Subgenres combine in this child possession/serial killer horror from the The Pact director.

Sweet Kitty Large

Lovecraft for the App Store Generation

The Hole In The Ground Large

A confident first feature from Irish director Lee Cronin.

Valentine Blu Ray Poster

Love is in the air and slashers are all the rage.

Horror Express Blu Ray Poster

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing chase a monster on a train!

Piercing Large

Put that talking baby to bed and don’t forget to pack the ice pick, rope, and ball gag. You’re gonna need ‘em.


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