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Uninvited Blu Ray Large

What happens when college kids get trapped on a yacht with a mutant cat?

The Golem Large

You had me at Jewish horror…you didn’t even need to add period piece or mud monster!

Frankensteins Creature Large

A new take on an old story...

Cobra Blu Ray Poster

Stallone takes on a whole army of psychopaths in this 80s classic.

Bloody New Year Blu Ray Poster

Zig celebrates the New Year with a classic ghost story.

Screamers Blu Ray Poster

Peter Weller vs. killer robots?! Zig checks it out.

Theres Nothing Out There Blu Ray Poster

The classic horror spoof finally arrives on Blu-ray!.

Splatter University Blu Ray Poster

Splatter University, where the school colors are blood red!

Dead Ant Poster

Break out the hairspray and crank a power ballad for the film equivalent of a Happy Meal in a Dukes of Hazzard lunchbox!

Crucible Of The Vampire Dvd Cover

Vampires behaving badly in rural England.

10 To Midnight Blu Ray Poster

Zig checks out this stalk and slash effort with Charles Bronson!

The Thing From Another World Poster

When you find a UFO buried in the ice, you just blow that sucker out of it, consequences be damned.

The Final Wish Poster

Lin Shaye, Tony Todd, a Z Nation vet, and Djinn trickery make for surprisingly solid wish fulfillment.

Howling Iii Blu Ray Poster

Zig checks out a film starring sensitive Austrailian marsupial werewolves – finally!

Obsession Blu Ray Poster

Brian De Palma delivers a haunting nightmare disguised as a love story.

Lifechanger Poster

In an ambitious effort to capture the human condition, Lifechanger delivers a familiar story about an outsider trying to get inside, and there is something relatable in the downfall of this complex character.

Halloween 2018 Blu Ray Poster

Forget everything you learned after the first Halloween.

The Plague Of The Zombies Blu Ray Poster

Hammer Films takes on the living dead!

Bandersnatch Poster

An interactive move that lets the viewer decide the outcome. Or is it?

In A Strangers House Poster

A one man, found-footage spook-house horror.


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