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The Tattooist Large

The Tattooist leaves nothing permenant with the audence. 

The Man Who Killed Hitler Then Bigfoot Large

That title. And it's not entirely what you'd expect.

Leprechaun Returns Large

He's back, but is it the Leprechaun we know and love?

The Street Fighter Collection Blu Ray Large

If you've gotta fight – fight dirty!

The Witches Blu Ray Large

Hammer Films delivers a spooky tale of witchcraft.

Dominique Blu Ray Large

Zig checks out this old fashioned ghost story with a twist.

Division 19 Large

If only the IMDB synopsis was accurate.

Hell Fest Large

Go to Hell Fest, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

The Suckling Blu Ray Large

Pro life or pro choice? Zig is pro monster!

Sister Street Fighter Collection Blu Ray Large

Sisters are doin' it for themselves.

The Cannibal Club Large

Giuseppe takes a trip to South America to check in on the aristocratic cannibal life.

Soldier Of War Large

This is not your grandpa’s zombie.

The Body Snatcher Blu Ray Large

Karloff shines in this haunting classic!

Us Large

Us is proof, if proof was needed, that Jordan Peele is a powerhouse behind the camera, and that horror has a new hero.

Depraved Large

Genre maverick Larry Fessenden returns with a Frankenstein tale that pays true homage with a new vantage point.

Strip Nude For Your Killer Blu Ray Large

Zig checks out this unapologetic bit of Euro-sleaze.

The Deadly Mantis Blu Ray Large

Something big is bugging Zig.

Lords Of Chaos Large

Brutally violent and emotionally impactful. A true Norwegian Black Metal tragedy.

Mans Best Friend Blu Ray Large

Horror goes to the dogs in this wacky film.


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