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Rabbit Poster

Rabbit is polished and produced and ultimately kind of forgettable. But there are magic twins!

Halloween 2018 Small

The night Laurie kicked some ass.

Down A Dark Hall Cover

At Blackwood School, Madame Duret will bring out your talents…even if you don’t have any!

Bloodlust Blu Ray Cover

Zig checks out htis forgotten piece of Euro-sleaze.

Camp Death 3 In 2d Small

Ryan takes a trip to Camp Crystal Meph to watch Friday the 13th parody, Camp Death III in 2D!. He's not sure if he'd go back.

Possum Small

Philip is a broken man, this is his nightmare.

Assassination Nation Small

The Salem Witch Trials retold for the modern age.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Blu Ray Cover

The pod people are back in an all-new special edition!

The First Purge Cover

See how all the horror began and decide for yourself if you would Purge to cleanse your soul.

Dont Leave Home Large

Don't Leave Home could have been a solid horror movie, but fails to deliver.

Halloween 2018 Small

Ren checks out the 2018 version of Halloween, but can it match Carpenter's original?

Cynthia Cover

Cynthia is a nasty, gory, dirty explosion of fun that takes being funny very seriously.

Molly Blu Ray Cover

Zig gets surprised by this crazy Dutch thriller.

Better Off Zed Cover

Fancy an end of the world holiday with your significant other?

The Chair Small

Who’s worse? The inmates or the staff? Or…is it what made them that way? Turn the key and find out!

The Song Of Solomon Blu Ray Cover

Zig checks out this gory exorcism flick and likes what he sees.

The House On Tombstone Hill Blu Ray Cover

Dead Dudes in the House turn Blu in this excellent release.

Body Melt Blu Ray Cover

Things get goopy down under.

Knuckleball Cover

You think your family has skeletons in the closet? Hold Grandpa’s beer…

Await Further Instructions Cover

Will you answer when the message comes from the TV? Will you follow orders?


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