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Midsommar Large

Two for two from the Hereditary director?

Frankenstein Created Woman Large

Peter Cushing returns with something for the ladies.

Universal Horror Collection Volume 1 Large

Karloff and Lugosi star in four frightening tales.

Night Of The Creeps Large

Zig is thrilled by this new special edition of an old favorite.

The New York Ripper Large

Fulci's notorious film gets a deluxe special edition.

The Green Inferno Large

See what happens when cannibals get the munchies!

Evil Town Large

What a drag it is getting old.

Nightbeast Large

Old fashion monster movies never go out of style.

Savage Harbor Large

Stallone. Mitchum Together at last.... sort of.

Childs Play Large

Chucky the killer doll gets a literal reboot, but will the upgraded Buddi be your friend till the end?

My Nights With Susan Sandra Olga And Julie Large

Sex and death from the Netherlands

Brightburn Large

The Superman origin story gets a horror makeover but does it burn bright or fizzle out?

Head Count Large

Fresh new horror around an old concept.

Eyes Of Laura Mars Blu Ray Large

Zig gets fooled by this clever murder mystery.

Ill Take Your Dead Blu Ray Large

A decent tale gets spoiled by the supernatural.

The Andromeda Strain Blu Ray Large

Zig gets freaked out by science!

Room For Rent Large

John packs his bags to stay in a Room for Rent.

The Seduction Blu Ray Large

Zig gets seduced by this Morgan Fairchild stalker flick.

The Entity Blu Ray Large

An intense supernatural tale of sexual assault.

Possession Diaries Large

This is a terrible movie.


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