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Hallowed Ground Large

Miles Dolleac's latest horror releases the first week of June.

Incursion 4 00

The latest event from Valiant Entertainment comes to a dramatic close.

Batman Who Laughs 7

DC Comics announces new Batman / Superman series following a deadly pathogen.

Saint Bernard Large

Severin Films' latest release hits on the 17th.

Shows End 00

Mad Cave Studios takes us to a freak show in 1920s Georgia in new series.

Santa Vs Zombies 00

New graphic novel, currently on Kickstarter has Kris Kringle squaring off against the undead.

The Time Machine Large

The company will has started The Classics Reimagined series and its first release is H.G. Wells' The Time Machine.

Dont Look Large

We also have some stills from the upcoming horror film.

Head Count Large

The new horror film premiered at the 2018 Los Angeles Film Festival, and its star won Jury Prize for Lead Actor.

Hellboy Board Game 00

Mantic Games and Dark Horse Comics announce the game based on Mike Mignola's work is in stores worldwide.

Vampirellla Lithograph

Help an artist in need and score some awesome limited edition artwork.

The Velocipastor Large

Wait, what?

The Walking Dead Our World 01

The augmented reality mobile game from AMC and Next Games racks up the awards.

Tommy Gun Wizards 00

Dark Horse Comics announces new series from Christian Ward and Sami Kivela.

Cult Classic 00

Vault Comics announces the long awaited return of this creepy and intriguing series.

Black Rite Allen Caraway Large

And what a snazzy cover at that!

Deadly Ten Intro

Called the Deadly Ten, the studio will broadcast the production of ten original films.

Angel 1 00

After dropping a surprise #0 issue, the publisher looks towards the beginning of the new series.

Coffin Bound 00

Image Comics to launch new series from Dan Watters and Dani this August.

Unearth 00

Image Comics announces new series from Cullen Bunn, Kyle Strahm, and Baldemar Rivas.


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