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Frightfest 2022 Artwork Large

It's here, the first raft of titles for FrightFest 2022

Saw The Experience Large

 Do you want to play a game?

Frightfest 2022 Artwork Large

The FrightFest 2022 artwork sees the light of day.

Glasshouse Poster Large

The film hits digital on July 12th.

Hunt A Killer Poster Large

Get ready to investigate three more mysteries this summer!

Resurrection Poster Large

IFC Films to release Andrew Semans' latest in August.

Hunt A Killer Perfect Score Poster Large

The popular game company has announced three more games.

Scare Us Poster Large

One of the "Top 10 Hidden Gems" of 2021 comes to UK streaming.

Southern Fried Horrified Poster Large

Southern Fried & Horrified is coming in September!

Unhuman Poster Large

The latest from Blumhouse and EPIX hits VOD next month.

Resurrection Poster Large

IFC Midnight has released the first trailer for this upcoming horror. Check it out along with some stills!

The Innocents Poster Large

Eskil Vogt's latest hits select theaters and VOD tomorrow.

Human Monsters Sadie Hartmann Ashley Saywers Poster Large

This ToC is insane.

Mums And Sons Cover Large

A new persepctive on the mother/son relationship in horror movies.

Dashcam Poster Large

The Host director's second feature is coming soon...

Hunter X Poster Large

Check out the trailer and stills inside!

Forests Damned And Furrows Cursed Poster Large

Look for Forests Damned and Furrows Cursed: A Haunted Heritage of Folk Horror Novellas soon!

Final Caller Poster Large

Todd Sheets' latest comes out July 5th.

Sausages The Making Of Dog Soldiers Janine Pipe Poster Large

Janine Pipe's latest hits shelves next month!

It Chapter 2 Poster Large

Escape the clutches of Pennywise in a brand new escape experience


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