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Year Of The Villain Hell Arisen Large

DC's two top villains face off with reality hanging in the balance.

V Wars

Jonathan Maberry's gripping vampire series debuts on Netflix on December 5th

Angel Spike 9 Large

BOOM! Studios reveals new direction for Angel series with a renaming.

Low Low Woods 1 Large

The next Hill House Comics title begins soon and it's just as creepy as the others.

Blood In The Snow Large

In case you missed it, it's not too late to see some horror films and shorts!

Wonder Woman Dead Earth 1 Large

Daniel Warren Johnson takes his considerable talents to a post-apocalyptic world.

Predator Hunters 3 Large

Dark Horse Comics takes the fight to the jungle in the next chapter of this storyline.

Something Killing Children 4 Large

Erica Slaughter arms herself for war in the next chapter of this terrifying comic.

Dceased Unkillables Large

DC Comics announces follow-up to terrifying horror series.

Sweet Heart 1 Large

The stellar indie series finds a new home.

Hellboy Bprd Effie Kolb Large

Dark Horse Comics delivers a sequel to a legendary Hellboy series.

Joker Killer Smile 2 Large

Take a chilling look at the new DC Black Label series.

Misplaced 1 Large

New series from Chris Callahan aims to creep you the F out.

Red Mother 1 06

Take a deeper look at the upcoming series from Jeremy Haunt and Danny Luckert

Godkillers 1 Large


AfterShock Comics announces new war / horror series from Mark Sable and Maan House.

Angel 7 Large

Lorne and Lilah Morgan make their first appearances during the Hellmouth crossover.

Panorama Large

Dark Horse Comics announced new graphic novel from Michel Fiffe.

Hellboy Krampus Large

Dark Horse Comics and Mantic Games reveal limited edition holiday miniature.

Color Out Of Space Large

The latest film from Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage is out in January. Check out the trailer and some stills from the film.

Farmhand 11 Large

The super creepy series from Image Comics heads into the halfway point.


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