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Monsterella 3 00

Hangman Comics is back with another anthology inspired by the likes of classic Vampirella magazines of the 1970s.

Tales From Dark Multiverse Blackest Night Large

The Black Lanterns stand triumphant in this new one-shot from DC.

Killing Horizon

Image Comics announces new series from Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson.

The Shed Large

Frank Sabatella's latest film gets released by RJLE Films in November.

Red Letter Day Large

The new horror/comedy gets released in November. We have the trailer, poster and stills inside.

Buffy 9 00

BOOM! Studios shares an early look at the next issue as the Hellmouth opens up.

Mercy 00

Image Comics reveals a new look at the upcoming mini-series.

Witches Of Silverlake

Simon Curtis and Stephanie Son set their sights on 2021 with a new occult high school adventure.


Marvel Comics teases new Deadpool series from Kelly Thompson and Chris Bachalo.

Beauty Of Horror 4 00

IDW Publishing announces all kinds of awesome and terrifying stuff coming for the adult coloring book series.

Twilight Zone

This is the place to be in Los Angeles for the next few weekends.

Gideon Falls 00

Hivemind adds a new partner to bring this terrifying comic to life.

First Offerings 00

New comic book publisher sets the groundwork for future horror titles.

Stranger Things Into The Fire 00

Dark Horse announces the third mini-series tied into the Netflix TV show.

Blossoms 666 Vol 1 00

Archie Comics shares a sneak peek at the newest collection of horror tales.

Dementer Large

Check out some stills from the second feature from Chad Crawford Kinkle (Jug Face).

3 From Hell Blu Ray Large

Check out an exclusive clip from 3 From Hell

Stoker Wells Order Golden Dawn 00

The indie graphic novel debuts with films tying into the story.

Blackwood Mourning After

The spookiest school this side of Hogwarts is back in session this February.

Halloween Man Party

Creator Drew Edwards celebrates the character's 19th birthday with a big party in Austin, TX.


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