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Man Grooves 00

Inspatter Press debuts new middle grade illustrated novel from Alan O.W. Barnes

Joker Harley Criminal Sanity

DC Comics announces its next Black Label title at BookCon

Man Who Came Down Attic Stairs 00

BOOM! Studios shares a sneak peek at Celine Loup's upcoming chilling OGN.

Clinton Road Large

Beginning June 14th, you can catch this latest horror starring Ice-T in theaters.

Graveyard Slaughter 00

Lunchbox Press launches Kickstarter campaign for new anthology.

Slaughterhouse Z Ltd Ed Large

What happens when you mix a serial killer's DNA with a pig?

Necrobarista Large

Cel-shaded 3D visual novel, Necrobarista, puts you on the payroll in The Terminal, a magical café that lets the dead come back for one more day.

Steeple 00

Dark Horse Comics announces a new series from John Allison.

Dreaming 00

Vertigo Comics to release the first two graphic novels from the expanded Sandman Universe.

Godzilla Aftershock 01

Legendary Comics releases Godzilla: Aftershock bridging the gap between the two films.

Buffy 5 00

The Chosen One loses control as a new story arc begins.

Once And Future 00

Check out a sneak peek at the new series from Kieron Gillen and Dan Mora.

Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors 00

The summer event where everyone is a target expands to include some additional titles.

Buffy Chosen Ones 1 01

BOOM! Studios to look at the first full appearances of some earlier Slayers

Spawn 300

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reaches landmark issue and becomes longest running creator-owned comic.

Mountainhead 00

New series from John Lees and Doug Garbark just hit my most anticipated comics list.

Bad Reception 00

AfterShock Comics announces new series from Juan Doe.

Angel Legacy Edition 1 00

BOOM! Studios collects the previous installments of Angel in new graphic novel series.

Horror Escape London Cabin Fever Large

Immersive horror escape rooms open in London this September.

Dr Mirage 1 00

Valiant Entertainment announces new series featuring the paranormal detective.


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