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  • Clown in a Cornfield

    Clown In A Cornfield Adam Cesare Poster Large

    Adam Cesare delivers his best book yet with the creepy and smart Clown in a Cornfield.

  • All-Night Terror

    All Night Terror Adam Cesare Matt Serafini Poster

    Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini deliver one of the best collaborations of 2016 in All-Night Terror.

  • Interview: Adam Cesare

    All Night Terror Cover

    Fans of Adam Cesare were surprised and delighted when he dropped an unexpected novel this week. Gabino caught up with him to talk about not just that, but publishing, movies, Stranger Things, and more!

  • Zero Lives Remaining

    Zero Lives Remaining Adam Cesare Poster

    Adam Cesare further cements his status as contemporary horror fiction master with Zero Lives Remaining.

  • Dark Hallows: 10 Halloween Haunts

    Dark Hallows 10 Halloween Haunts Mark Parker Poster

    Dark Hallows is a grab bag of grotesque goodies just in time for Halloween.

  • Interview: Adam Cesare

    Adam Cesare Interview Cover

    Adam Cesare spills his guts about writing, bad habits and his new novel, Mercy House.

  • Mercy House

    Mercy House Adam Cesare Poster

    Lord have Mercy.

    Adam Cesare's new novel, Mercy House, will have you praying for more.

  • Exponential

    Exponential Adam Cesare Poster

    Adam Cesare cements his reputation as a master of the genre with a superb monster story.

  • The Summer Job

    The Summer Job Adam Cesare 01

    Adam Cesare delivers his best novel to date with The Summer Job

  • Video Night

    Video Night 01

    With Video Night, Adam Cesare has established himself as the king of fun, nostalgic, film-infused horror.

  • Tribesmen

    Tribesmen 01

    If you crave the literary equivalent of a Ruggero Deodato movie, give Tribesmena try.