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  • Nailbiter Returns #2

    Nailbiter Returns 2 Large

    Dig deeper into the mystery of the Buckaroo Butchers.

  • Nailbiter Returns #1

    Nailbiter Returns 1 Large

    What's creepier than tearing fingernails? What about eyeballs?

  • Nailbiter #30

    Nailbiter 30 Cover

    All good things must end, including comics about serial killers.

  • Nailbiter #29

    Nailbiter 29 Cover

    The penultimate issue of the series is packed with answers but loads of exposition.

  • The Great Divide #1

    The Great Divide 1 Cover

    The world becomes agoraphobic in this new dystopian tale with a new disease and a handful of inconsistencies.

  • Nailbiter #23

    Nailbiter 23 Cover

    Alice goes on a trip with her father as we inch closer and closer to the truth of Buckaroo.

  • Nailbiter #22

    Nailbiter 22 Cover

    Alice is standing in a field, surrounded by dead bodies.  This is an average day in Buckaroo.