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  • Stu spends some quality time with one of horror's greatest minds and biggest champions! 

  • Netflix remakes a complex and intriguing Japanese franchise, but did they nail it?

  • If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…

  • Simon takes a look at Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett's action thriller.

  • If you have The Guest over, you're going to have a bloody good time.

  • Adam Wingard's The Guest is company worth having.

  • Make sure your doors are locked as it's time for a new home invasion horror, but is You're Next any good? Let's find out...

  • Ted checks out Adam Wingard's long-awaited home invasion shocker.

  • Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett continue their collaboration, this time putting a masked twist on the home invasion subgenre. Who's the black sheep in your family?

  • Horror's hottest players join forces in an attempt to scare you into forgetting video cassettes are almost twenty years old. Did it work? Let's see. 

  • The horror anthology amps up the terror with an old-school format.

  • The guys at Frightfest in London loved it, but Charlotte caught V/H/S at Toronto After Dark and has an altogether different opinion...