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  • Silent Night

    Silent Night Poster Large

    Unfortunately, Last Christmas was already taken.

  • Killer Party

    Killer Party Large

    Channelling Fede Alvarez's Don't Breathe with the sleaze and debauchery of the social elites.

  • Ghost Stories

    Ghost Stories Small

    ...masterfully creepy

  • Martyrs

    Martyrs Dvd Cover Small

    Remaking one of the most revered and extreme horror movies ever. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Green Room

    Green Room Quad Poster

    Punk rockers vs. Angry Nazis. This can't end well.

  • Zombie Fight Club

    Zombie Fight Club Large

    Taiwanese zombies grace the screen once more in a sort-of sequel to Zombie 108.

  • Exclusive Clip from Cub

    Cub Dvd Small

    Jonas Govaerts' Cub hits UK cinemas today and we have an exclusive clip from the film.