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  • The Wicker Man meets Hot Fuzz, with a sprinkle of Cowspiracy, this vegan-friendly folk horror comedy is ludicrously funny.

  • Timecrimes meets True Romance meets Looper in this well-crafted Canadian sci-fi thriller.

  • An eerie 80 minutes of perverse house invasion hell awaits...

  • A DIY indie horror as beautiful as it is bloody

  • Subgenres combine in this child possession/serial killer horror from the The Pact director.

  • Rust Creek is one to look out for.

  • This existential cyber horror on Netflix (UK, US) certainly brings a new meaning to 'Netflix and chill'.

  • If you liked South Korea's Train to Busan, this Chinese zombie action adventure flick should be your next stop.

  • 50% John Carpenter cool, 30% Hannibal cool, 20% The Raid cool, Black Site's genre-blurring formula is one for '80s lovers.

  • About a flesh-eating undead ghoul and her relationship with a young blind boy, The Dark is one of the most humane and heart-rending horrors of the year.

  • This Japanese gem shuffles into the list of the decade's most original zombie movies.

  • Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll (and also more drugs) go a long way in making this low-budget genre gem a must see.

  • Nope, not even the wrath of storm Emma and the Beast from the East could put a stop to it...

  • Serial killers, exorcisms, clowns, the supernatural... this ambitious and chilling Brazilian horror has a bit of everything to kickstart your festive horror viewing.

  • Amanda is trapped in a limousine. But it’s not all coke and champagne…

  • Troll Hunter creator turns his directoral hand to English-language crime mystery 'morgue' horror

  • Don't mess with the pregnant lady.

  • Sexually transmitted zombies.

  • Neo-Giallo Francesca gets its English premiere at Horror Channel Frightfest, and in some ways is the film Argento should still be making

  •  Becky gets another chance to see The Final Girls on the big screen.