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  • The Neon Demon

    Neon Demon Poster Small

    Nicolas Winding Refn is back with his take on the genre, so what did Charlotte think of The Neon Demon?

  • Dark Signal

    Dark Signal Small

    Charlotte checks out the supernatural slasher movie, Dark Signal.

  • The Survivalist

    The Survivalist Dvd Small

    Charlotte has a look at the new British movie, The Survivalist.

  • Asmodexia

    Asmodexia Dvd Small

    Exorcism, Spanish style, in Asmodexia.

  • The Green Inferno

    Green Inferno Dvd

    Eli Roth's homage to the cannibal exploitation movie is finally here...but what did we make of it?

  • Soldiers of the Damned

    Soldiers Of The Damned Small

    Hitler's obsession with the occult fuels another horror movie, Charlotte checks it out.

  • White Settlers

    White Settlers Small

    A couple finds solitude in a remote part of Scotland... but is it all that it seems? Charlotte finds out.

  • Antisocial

    Antisocial Dvd Small

    Charlotte checks out the new indie-horror Antisocial.

  • V/H/S

    Vhs Poster Small

    The guys at Frightfest in London loved it, but Charlotte caught V/H/S at Toronto After Dark and has an altogether different opinion...

  • Interview: Lucky McKee

    Lucky Mckee Small

    Charlotte Stear talks to horror's man of the moment, Lucky McKee, about the forthcoming US release of The Woman.

  • The Woman

    The Woman Dvd Small

    If you've been living on the moon for the last six months, you won't have heard of Lucky McKee's controversial film. If you've been on Earth with the rest of us, then you'll be aware of how it has polarized opinion. Charlotte Stear gives her views.

  • Stake Land

    Stake Land Small

    Like your vampires sparkly? Better go elsewhere then, because the vamps of Stake Land are anything but.

  • Grimmfest 2011: Day 4 Highlights

    Grimmfest Square

    Charlotte Stear closes out her great weekend at the Grimm Up North Festival. 

  • Grimmfest 2011: Day 3 Highlights

    Grimmfest Square

    Charlotte Stear reports on Day three from Manchester's Grimmfest film festival 

  • Grimmfest 2011: Day 2 Highlights

    Grimmfest Square

    Charlotte Stear reports on Day two from Manchester's Grimmfest film festival 

  • Grimmfest 2011: Carl Tibbetts and Gary Sinyor Interview

    Retreat Poster

    Ahead of the UK premiere of their film, Retreat, Charlotte Stear talks to director Carl Tibbets and producer Gary Sinyor 

  • Grimmfest 2011: Yvette Fielding Interview

    Yvette Fielding Headshot

    Charlotte Stear catches up with Most Hauntedpresenter, Yvette Fielding, at Manchester's Grimmfest. 

  • Grimmfest 2011 Interview

    Grimm Up North 3 Poster

    It's Grimm up north. Charlotte Stear talks to the Grimmfest Festival organisers about Manchester's premiere horror, sci-fi and fantasy film festival. 

  • Verland: The Transformation

    Verland The Transformation 01

    With all the hubbub around Twilight, author B.E. Scully sneaks in with Verland: The Transformation, offering up something original to the vampire legend.