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  • Poser #4

    Poser 4 00

    The killer's identity is revealed amid an ever-growing pile of bodies.

  • Night Moves #1

    Night Moves 1 Cover

    Noir meets horror in this packed debut issue.

  • Poser #3

    Poser 3 Cover

    More bloodshed, but still light on clues as to the killer's identity.

  • Poser #2

    Poser 2 Cover

    Get ready for one of the best and most gruesome kills you've ever seen.ere.

  • 10 Inspirations for Slasher Comic Poser

    Poser Cover

    Creators Matt Miner and Clay McCormack share some of the horror titles that led to the new entry to the slasher genre.

  • Poser #1

    Poser 1 Cover

    A slasher comic with a soundtrack is as fun as it sounds.