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  • Man’s darkest desires have a new residence…or is it an old one?

  • Mina isn’t your average flesh-eating monster, yet she’s one we all know.

  • You thought you knew how dark a “fairy tale” could be? Think again.

  • Will you answer when the message comes from the TV? Will you follow orders?

  • Excellent writing, gore, surprises….and BARBARA CRAMPTON??!! It's our lucky day.

  • Dark Sky Films to release the horror film on July 27th.

  • Victor Crowley returns to slaughtering folks in this fourth film in the Hatchet series.

  • Ted Geoghegan's latest film to get a theatrical releasee on March 2nd.

  • Check out the poster, trailer and some stills inside!

  • Another trip to the stake lands doesn’t live up to the original’s caliber, but the end result is an vamp-hunting, emotional adventure flick worth checking out – especially if you’re a Stake Land fan.

  • Emelie does an excellent job forcing parents to cringe and second guess leaving their children with a babysitter.

  • After an interesting start to a witchy tale, Cherry Tree ends up choking on a peach pit.

  • Giuseppe calls The Last Survivors a breath of fresh air in an oversaturated dystopian genre.

  • Zig checks into a haunted house and finds it needs some work.

  • Check out the creepy artwork and trailer from this upcoming horror film.

  • Let Us Prey is scarier than sharing a sleeping bag with a Catholic Priest after one too many chalices of Sacramental wine.  Less emotionally scarring, too.

  • Richelle sells her soul and sets her sights on Starry Eyes. 

  • A cautionary tale about the perils of chasing fame.

  • Steve Pattee reviews Adam Green's latest release, Hatchet II. So what does a guy who hated the first film think of the sequel? Find out inside!

  • A warm and charming tale about a man who finds a new family and discovers love in the process.