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  • Eddie Generous' collection Head-Broken and Heartbroken is aptly titled, as the stories within will break you somehow.

  • There's Something in the Water, and Steve says it's Eddie Generous's depth as an author.

  • That time when a drilling accident unleashed those dinosaurs living under a town.

  • Big monsters, giant insects, and believable characters make Radio Run a fast page-turner.

  • With cutting tales simultaneously ominous, brooding, and viscerally horrifying, Eddie Generous brings a welcome flair of originality to his newest collection.

  • Author and publisher Eddie Generous shares his idea of Freddy Kreuger...in space!

  • Author and editor Eddie Generous stops by and shares his thoughts on some horror in space films.

  • Author and Unnerving publisher, Eddie Generous, shares with us his experiences being a publisher as well as some tips for writers submitting their work.