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  • Despite a good dose of gore and some great imagery, VooDoo is another forgettable found footage film.

  • Dead Story offers great production values and solid performances for a low budget film, but is marred by mediocre writing.

  • Lust, lies, and layers upon layers of deception make Park Chan-wook's The Handmaiden a great entry into his already impressive catalog.

  • Adam Cesare and Matt Serafini deliver one of the best collaborations of 2016 in All-Night Terror.

  • Nick Mamatas is one of the most versatile authors working today, and I Am Providence is a testament to his talent.

  • Scott Nicolay delivers a unique monster and a master class of tension and dialogue in Noctuidae.

  • Stephanie M. Wytovich has opened the doors to her Brothel to everyone, and stepping through that door is the best thing you will do this week.

  • With Underwater Fistfight, Matt Betts wants to punch your brain underwater and fill it with weirdness, and you should let him.

  • Fans of Adam Cesare were surprised and delighted when he dropped an unexpected novel this week. Gabino caught up with him to talk about not just that, but publishing, movies, Stranger Things, and more!

  • The voices gathered here are as diverse and disturbing as susurrating whispers between radio stations or a signal from a dead man's hand.

  • With Rapture of the Deep, Cody Goodfellow cements his status as one of the top purveyors of Lovecraftian fiction.

  • Some movies you forget. Some movies you like. Some movies you love. Which matter most? The ones that mess you up for life.

  • Paul Tremblay cements his status as one of the best voices in contemporary horor with a creepy tale of loss and ghostly presences.

  • Gary J. Shipley's You With Your Memory Are Dead takes author and reader to the edge of sanity. 

  • Seb Doubinsky delivers a tense, hybrid horror narrative in White City

  • Brian Keene delivers plenty of horror and a superb look at human interaction in The Complex.

  • R.S. Belcher brings together a vast array of horror and supernatural elements and somehow turns it all into a very entertaining, action-packed novel in The Brotherhood of the Wheel.

  • Victor Gischler reminds us just how smart, wild, and funny interstellar pulp can be with Gestapo Mars.

  • Adam Cesare further cements his status as contemporary horror fiction master with Zero Lives Remaining.

  • Coffee House Press brings back Brian Evenson's Father of Lies and proves to a new generation of readers that it is a classic that belongs next to William Peter Blatty's The Exorcist and Ray Russell's The Case Against Satan.