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  • With The Last Weekend, Nick Mamatas places zombies in a place where pulp lovers and scholars can equally enjoy them.

  • Samul Sattin's The Silent End delivers a very entertaining and dark adventure full of monsters, magic, and friendship.

  • Ray Russell's The Case Against Satan gets the Penguin Classics treatement and proves to a new generation of horror fans why it so rightly deserves it.

  • Joe Lansdale shows once again that he's the reigning master of uncanny Westerns with Paradise Sky.

  • Paul Tremblay carves his own space among modern horror classics with A Head Full of Ghosts.

  • In Thieves Fall Out, Gore Vidal proves that cliches can be a lot of fun if the author using them has the chops to make them feel like new.

  • Writers Ross E. Lockhart and Justin Steele bring you a collection of superb stories that pay tribute to horror maestro Laird Barron.

  • SNAFU: Heroes: An Anthology of Military Horror brings readers top-notch gore, action, and storytelling from four very distinct, talented voices.

  • Adam Cesare cements his reputation as a master of the genre with a superb monster story.

  • Sergey Kuznetsov explores the psychology of a serial killer in Butterfly Skin.

  • John Boden writes a hell of a book for children...for adults.

  • With Creep House, Andersen Prunty delivers his best short story collection to date. 

  • In Hi I'm a Social Disease, Andersen Prunty delivers seven more outstanding tales of weird horror. 

  • Andersen Prunty stretches the short horror story in new directions in Bury the Children in the Yard.

  • Ellen Datlow selects some truly outstanding Lovecraftian fiction in Lovecraft's Monsters

  • Stephen Graham Jones shows he's one of the best short story writers with a new collection. 

  • Scott Tyson delivers subterranean gore and hopelessness in Topsiders.

  • Philip LoPresti offers a beautiful dose of brutality in Haunted Fucking.

  • With Alien: Out of the Shadows, author Tim Lebbon brings a classic sci-fi horror saga to life once again.

  • John Dixon's Phoenix Island is an outstanding debut full of violence, adventure, and science fiction.