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  • Giuseppe takes a trip to South America to check in on the aristocratic cannibal life.

  • In an ambitious effort to capture the human condition, Lifechanger delivers a familiar story about an outsider trying to get inside, and there is something relatable in the downfall of this complex character.

  • From the creator of the MTV series Punk’d comes Jason Goldberg’s directorial debut.

  • The God Inside My Ear is a detour into a psychedelic ride through the Twilight Zone—and we are sitting sidecar for the trip.

  • If getting revenge is sweet to you, then check out The Executioners.

  • Recently released on Shudder, Cold Hell is a densely packed fast-paced horror-thiller done right. Add this to the top of your queue ASAP.

  • Will a return to Amityville make Giuseppe want to run back to Brooklyn?

  • Is The Shadow Man another run-of-the-mill Creepypasta adaption, or does it hit a stride among the pack?

  • Investigative Discovery’s latest is an insight into one of the worst summers in US history, and the documentary lets viewers relive the insanity felt throughout New York City in 1977.

  • Another trip to the stake lands doesn’t live up to the original’s caliber, but the end result is an vamp-hunting, emotional adventure flick worth checking out – especially if you’re a Stake Land fan.

  • Eighteen years have passed and finally the fifth and final installment of the Phantasm franchise has been released to polarizing reviews... but where does this Phantasm die hard stand?

  • Ever since the boom of the dystopian sub-genre there has been an influx of Hunger Games imitators (a rip-off in its own right), and The Thinning follows tread in the shadow.

  • After a brief vacation from Horror DNA, Giuseppe survived Wolf Creek and Mick’s murderous rampage, emerging from the Outback with a new series for the hounds to check out.

  • A delve back into daylight sends Janie off her hinges as this art house chiller shifts into high gear midway thru, but leaves question marks after the curtain fades.

  • Do you want to add another found-footage flick to add to the stockpile?

  • It’s simple: Girl in Woods

  • It's simple; The Other Side of the Door is a noble but unsuccessful attempt at the haunting genre.

  • Jeremy Saulnier’s latest effort is a swiftly paced punk rock themed venture into trepidation and sheer brutality. One of 2016’s best. Watch it.

  • A noble attempt at the “haunting” subgenre trips out of the gate, although in the end catches up to speed before the credits roll. But is it too late?

  • Would you have sex with a corpse? What about a celebrity's corpse? Some characters in The Corpse of Anna Fritz would. The question is why?