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  • The Perfectly Fine House

    The Perfectly Fine House Stephen Kozeniewski Wile E Young Poster Large

    You don't want to ghost this thrilling tale of the afterlife.

  • True Crime

    True Crime Samantha Kolesnik Poster Large

    Samantha Kolesnik's debut book will destroy you.

  • Kill for Satan!

    Kill For Satan Bryan Smith Large

    Nothing compares to bloody, campy, over-the-top horror fiction.

  • Cockblock

    Cockblock C V Hunt Large

    C.V. Hunt delivers a funny, brutal, and very timely novel in Cockblock.

  • Where Stars Won't Shine

    Where Stars Wont Shine Patrick Lacey Large

    A prolific serial killer returns home for some unfinished business

  • Kinfolk

    Kinfolk Matt Kurtz Large

    Grindhouse Press dishes out the pain in blood-soaked cannibal hillbilly horror.

  • Creep House

    Creep House Andersen Prunty Poster

    With Creep House, Andersen Prunty delivers his best short story collection to date. 

  • Hi I'm a Social Disease

    Hi Im A Social Disease Andersen Prunty Poster

    In Hi I'm a Social Disease, Andersen Prunty delivers seven more outstanding tales of weird horror. 

  • Zombieville

    Zombieville Cv Hunt Large

    C.V. Hunt makes zombies new and interesting again in Zombieville.

  • Satanic Summer

    Satanic Summer 01

    Andersen Prunty is one of the reasons why horror fiction is so entertaining. Satanic Summer is proof of that.

  • King of the Perverts

    King Of The Perverts 01

    Steve Lowe's King of the Pervertswill make you laugh and cringe, sometimes simultaneously.

  • House of Fallen Trees

    House Of Fallen Trees 01

    Gina Ranalli breathes fresh air into the haunted house genre with House of Fallen Trees.