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  • See what happens when cannibals get the munchies!

  • This year's fest runs from October 11-19!

  • Eli Roth's homage to the cannibal exploitation movie is finally here...but what did we make of it?

  • Two cannibals were eating the brains from the writers of The Green Inferno when one turned to the other and said, "Does this taste a little stale to you?"

  • Didn't your parents ever warn you about the danger from strangers?

  • Zig checks out this creepy flick from Chile and wants to see more.

  • Eli Roth’s homage to the cannibalism horror subgenre is soaked in blood, but makes a bold statement about society, government and what it means to be human.

  • Eli Roth's back, but The Green Inferno has Ted seeing red.

  • Kelly brings us another review from the Toronto International Film Festival. This time it's for Eli Roth's much anticipated The Green Inferno.