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  • Later

    Later Stephen King Poster Large

    Don’t open this sucker until you have the time, or you will be blowing someone off.

  • Stephen King's Later Arrives Next Month

    Later Stephen King Poster Large

    Titan Books to release this latest entry in the Hard Case Crime series.

  • Thieves Fall Out

    Thieves Fall Out Gore Vidal Poster

    In Thieves Fall Out, Gore Vidal proves that cliches can be a lot of fun if the author using them has the chops to make them feel like new.

  • The Secret Lives of Married Women

    Secret Lives Of Married Women Elissa Wald Poster

    Elissa Wald delivers equal doses of crime, sex, and feelings in The Secret Lives of Married Women.

  • Joyland

    Joyland 01

    Take a trip to Joyland, where the popcorn is fresh, the coasters are fast, and there's a haunting in the Horror House. Literally.

  • The Comedy is Finished

    The Comedy Is Finished 01

    The Comedy is Finished gives Donald E. Westlake fans something new, but there might be a reason it was never published before.

  • Getting Off

    Getting Off 01

    With a main character that's as lovable as she's vicious, Lawrence Block explores the dark side of vengeance and sexuality in Getting Off.