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  • Witches of Blackwood

    Witches Of Blackwood Poster Large

    Australian witches? You have my attention.

  • Monsters of Man

    Monsters Of Man Poster Large

    Would you like to see The Terminator as directed by Neil Blomkamp?

  • The Alpha Test

    The Alpha Test Poster Large

    The Alpha Test is an ambitious undertaking for a low-budget film, but is it successful?

  • Alien Outbreak

    Alien Outbreak Poster Large

    An alien invasion with a British twist.

  • Blood Bags

    Blood Bags Poster Large

    At some point, the youth has to learn not to investigate that creepy old mansion.

  • American Hunt

    American Hunt Poster Large

    The thrill of the hunt where man is the prey.

  • Marla

    Marla Large

    Marla lacks the bite it promises.

  • Killer Sofa

    Killer Sofa Large

    I got nothin’ can be a compliment, too. Check this out…

  • Dead List

    Dead List Cover

    Show biz is cutthroat. If you’re on the Dead List, it’s downright lethal, so go BREAK A LEG (or a neck).

  • Dead Story

    Dead Story Cover

    Dead Story offers great production values and solid performances for a low budget film, but is marred by mediocre writing.