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  • Cryptocracy #2

    Cryptocracy 2 Cover

    The nine families that have ruled civilization from the shadows for centuries are being hunted. Family leaders forge an alliance to take the hunter down but, in doing so, put themselves in more danger.

  • Monstress: Volume 1 - Awakening

    Monstress Volume 1 00

    A teenage girl struggles to survive a world of war and trauma while trying to harness a psychic connection with a powerful monster.

  • Haunted Horror #22

    Haunted Horror 22 Cover

    Mike “The Howler” Howlett shares a collection of eight Pre-Code Horror stories that are sure to make you cringe in fright.

  • Godzilla: Oblivion #4

    Godzilla Oblivion 4 Cover

    The people on Earth One start creating their own monsters to fight the ones threatening their world, but the residents on Earth Two ruin the plan with even more of them.

  • Death Force #2

    Death Force 2 Cover

    Former cop Rick Murphy was killed on duty. Now he’s back from the dead and looking for revenge.

  • Cryptocracy #1

    Cryptocracy 1 Cover

    The government is made of some shady people. Now that they’re being hunted, the world’s best-kept secret is out!