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  • Midnight in the Graveyard

    Midnight In The Graveyard Kenneth W Cain Large

    Midnight in the Graveyard unearths one winning story after another.

  • Just Add Water

    Just Add Water Hunter Shea Poster

    In typical Shea fashion, Just Add Water is drenched in buckets of blood and violence with a heaping portion of hilarity added in for extra flavor

  • We Are Always Watching

    We Are Always Watching Hunter Shea Poster

    A wild, surreal ride through one family’s nightmare as they fight for their sanity and their lives

  • Loch Ness Revenge

    Loch Ness Revenge Hunter Shea Poster

    An incomparable, harrowing, and sometimes ridiculously funny thrill ride from a true master.

  • The Jersey Devil

    The Jersey Devil Hunter Shea Poster

    Hunter Shea is the undisputed master of monsters, and The Jersey Devil is his best book to date.

  • I Kill in Peace

    I Kill In Peace Hunter Shea Poster

    Hunter Shea's newest novella is really killer.