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  • Exorsisters #5

    Exorsisters 5 00

    Here comes the First Shadow, the real big bad of this series and the entire universe.

  • Die #3

    Die 3 Large

    Even the NPCs are full of life in this comic.

  • Evolution #13

    Evolution 13 Large

    The three stories begin to converge in Los Angeles as things get more and more terrifying.

  • The Freeze #2

    Freeze 2 00

    Take a zombie comic, then remove the zombies but keep the tension.

  • Die #2

    Die 2 00

    Ash and the others return to this fantasy world and confront evils from the past.

  • Redneck #18

    Redneck 18 00

    The Bowmans' time of happiness was bound to end sooner or later, but who knew it was going to be this bloody?

  • Cold Spots #5

    Cold Spots 5 Cover

    This comic has some of the scariest ghosts you'll see all year.

  • Bitter Root #2

    Bitter Root 2 00

    That’s one way to stop the KKK.

  • Outcast #37

    Outcast 37 00

    Dig into Simon's backstory and why he left his family in this stunning flashback issue.

  • Burnouts #4

    Burnouts 4 00

    Someone's possessed by an alien, but who could it be?

  • Exorsisters #3

    Exorsisters 3 00

    Meet Buzz, the weird goth kid that got turned into a fly with a goatee.

  • Spawn Kills Everyone Too #1

    Spawn Kills Everyone Too 1 00

    An uncomfortable middle finger to anyone that ever doubted Todd McFarlane.

  • Die #1

    Die 1 00

    Picture Stephen King's It mixed with The Never-Ending Story.

  • Freeze #1

    Freeze 1 00

    It's like Out of This World, but more terrifying.

  • Redneck #17

    Redneck 17 00

    This is probably the last happy moment for the vampire Bowmans.

  • Regression #13

    Regression 13 00

    Past lives come back to terrorize the present as this series builds towards a monumental climax.

  • Gideon Falls #8

    Gideon Falls 8 Cover

    The mystery of the Black Barn deepens across time and space.

  • Infinite Dark #2

    Infinite Dark 2 Cover

    A murder on a space station carrying the last remnants of humanity makes for a tense read.

  • Exorsisters #2

    Exorsisters 2 Cover

    What's the worst thing you could do to a loved one? Now multiply that by a thousand.

  • Bitter Root #1

    Bitter Root 1 Cover

    Move over, Sam and Dean Winchester. There's a new monster-hunting family in town.