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  • Ghosted #20

    Ghosted 20 Cover

    Jackson Winters finally meets Death face-to-face.  Now what?

  • Wytches #6

    Wytches 6 Cover

    In the conclusion to the first story arc of this terrifying comic, Charlie faces the wytches head on with his daughter's life hanging in the balance.

  • Wayward: Volume 1 - String Theory

    Wayward Volume 1 Cover

    Gegege no Kitaro meets Bleach meets Buffy in Wayward: Volume 1.

  • Roche Limit: Clandestiny #1

    Roche Limit Clandestiny 1 Cover

    The second part of the sci-fi trilogy continues, jumping 75 years into the future, where mankind still kind of failed.

  • Death Vigil: Volume 1 Lands in July

    Death Vigil Cover

    The dark fantasy series from Stejepan Sejic gets collected into a trade paperback from Image Comics.

  • Ghosted: Volume 3

    Ghosted Volume 3 Cover

    Jackson Winters gets involved with the FBI and a face from his past as his life gets more and more interesting...with Death literally watching over him.

  • Deadly Class #12

    Deadly Class 12 00

    If there are worse positions to find yourself than a mob boss discovering you holding the severed head of his son next to his adopted daughter, I don't know them.

  • Goners: Volume 1 – Now Available

    Goners Cover

    The first story arc of the stellar Goners from Image Comics has hit comic book stores in a value-priced trade paperback.

  • Southern Cross #2

    Southern Cross 2 Cover

    The horror is turned up to eleven as the mystery deepens aboard the Southern Cross.

  • No Mercy #1

    No Mercy 1 Cover

    A bunch of privileged kids from the States head out to a small Central American village to build schools and never come back.

  • Wayward #6

    Wayward 6 Cover

    Three months have passed since the epic battle that closed out the first story arc, but Lori is still missing.

  • Empty Zone: A Horror Comic 20 Years in the Making

    Empty Zone Cover

    Creator Jason Shawn Alexander brings his sci-fi horror saga to life this June from Image Comics.

  • Spread..Uhh…Spreads This April

    Spread Volume 1 Cover

    Justin Jordan and Kyl Strahm’s sci-fi horror series gets its first trade paperback in April from Image Comics.

  • Goners #6

    Goners 6 Cover

    The Latimer children are faced with their greatest challenge yet as the first story arc concludes.

  • Rumble #1

    Rumble 1 Cover

    A sword wielding scarecrow walks into a bar.  That's not the beginning of the joke.  That seriously happens in this comic.

  • Nailbiter: Volume 1 – There Will Be Blood

    Nailbiter Volume 1 Cover

    Journey to the town of Buckaroo, Oregon, where serial killers are born and a new one has just debuted.

  • Batula

    Batula 00

    A fruit bat is bitten by a vampire bat.  Chaos ensues but a hero is born.  It's a spooky kids book!

  • Chew: Volume 1 - Taster's Choice


    Keeping busy, James gives you his take on the trade Chew: Volume 1 - Taster's Choice.