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  • Chucky: The Complete Collection

    Chucky Complete Collection Bd Cover

    At long last all six Chucky films have been collected in one place.  Find out how they hold up and how the latest chapter in Charles Lee Ray's reign of terror fares.

  • Big Tits Zombie

    Big Tits Zombie Cover

    Finally, a horror movie with boobs that doesn't take itself too seriously.

  • Colder

    Colder Cover

    Paul Tobin and Juan Ferreyra take a journey through insanity.  You should bring a jacket.  It's going to be a little chilly.

  • Ex-Communication

    Ex Communication 00

    The heroes of Los Angeles face their biggest threat to date.  Zombies seem to be the least of their worries now.

  • The X-Files: Season 10 #1

    The X Files 1 00

    Mulder and Scully return in the new series from IDW Publishing.  Do you still want to believe?

  • Ex-Patriots

    Ex Patriots 00

    Peter Clines' sophomore novel expands upon the super hero universe he created with Ex-Heroes and the zombies are just as scary.

  • One Hour Photo

    One Hour Photo Blu Ray Poster Large

    James checks out the HD release of Mark Romanek's creepy film.

  • John Dies at the End

    John Dies At The End Dvd Amazon Us

    You will never look at Soy Sauce the same way after watching this film.

  • Ex-Heroes

    Ex Heroes Large

    A group of superheroes are trying to hold Los Angeles together as hordes of the undead threaten to knock down their doors.

  • Batula

    Batula 00

    A fruit bat is bitten by a vampire bat.  Chaos ensues but a hero is born.  It's a spooky kids book!

  • The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury

    The Walking Dead The Road To Woodbury 01

    The latest novel in the Walking Dead franchise fills in some more gaps of the Governor's backstory, but does it hold a candle to the comic?

  • V/H/S

    Vhs Cover

    The horror anthology amps up the terror with an old-school format.

  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Cover

    The sixteenth President of the United States kills vampires while saving the country from Civil War.  Just like in the history books.

  • Zombie Cat

    Zombie Cat 00

    Finally, the adventures of Zombie Cat are revealed in this lighthearted tale that looks eerily like a children's book.

  • Howard Lovecraft and the Undersea Kingdom

    Howard Lovecraft And The Undersea Kingdom Cover

    The mischievous Lovecraft boy is back and this time he's got some new friends...and enemies.

  • The Art of Luke Chueh: Bearing the Unbearable

    The Art Of Luke Chueh Bearing The Unbearable 01

    Ever wanted a painting with a cartoon bear who's torn his own eyes out?  Look no further.

  • Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion

    Joss Whedon The Complete Companion 01

    Looking for an in-depth analysis of the work from the Nerd God of Hollywood?

  • Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom

    Howard Lovecraft And The Frozen Kingdom Cover

    It's that mischievous Lovecraft boy and his pet Elder god causing trouble!

  • 1000 Ways to Die

    1000 Ways To Die 01

    Looking for bizarre ways to die? Spike TV and Zenescope Entertainment got you covered.

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual Adam Nevill Large

    Looking for another reason not to go into the woods?