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  • Deathcember

    Deathcember Poster Large

    The Christmas gift that keeps on giving, long after you wished it stopped.

  • Red Snow

    Red Snow Poster Large

    Nope, not Dead Snow, that's the one with the zombies.

  • Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

    Antrum Poster Large

    The so-called Deadliest Film Ever Made talks a big talk, but can it walk the walk?

  • Our Evil

    Our Evil Dvd Small

    Serial killers, exorcisms, clowns, the supernatural... this ambitious and chilling Brazilian horror has a bit of everything to kickstart your festive horror viewing.

  • Fantasia 2017: Replace

    Replace Cover

    Replace can get replaced.

  • Lost Solace

    Lost Solace Cover

    Lost Solace reveals the worst possible thing that could happen to a psychopath. 

  • Through the Shadow

    Through The Shadow Poster

    A Brazilian adaptation of MR James's Turn of the Screw? Go on then..