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  • A mother and daughter's already struggling relationship will be put to the untimate test when their car breaks down through the nearby woods.

  • A refreshing take on the slasher genre as horror tries to make windmills cool again.

  • In a world overrun by zombies, the lives of three young adults will cross paths and change them all forever.

  • A boy on the run will have to hide, outwit and traverse mysterious environments where not everything is as it seems.

  • A former Private Investigator returns to the job after the death of his son but not all is what it seems in the house he's taken up residence in.

  • A mountain getaway cannot save this couple's failed marriage from blood, blood and more blood.

  • A father, son and friend have a super uncomfortable lunch and two thirds of them turn into monsters.

  • The Horror is effectively bleak, but just misses the mark.

  • A documentary that is one part light-hearted fun and two parts what the fuck am I watching?

  • Sometimes Demons use technology to get their message across. Sometimes they make you kill yourself. And sometimes both happen. 

  • Do you think you're home alone? Think again.

  • Capcom re-releases a prequel to their zombie franchise that is guaranteed to tickle your nostalgia bone.

  • Nostalgia and creepiness run rampant in this dialogue-driven friend adventure game by Night School Studio.

  • Simon Monk equips everyone with the means to survive the zombie apocalypse with DIY projects geared to avoid becoming someone else's dinner.

  • Driving really sucks when a vigilante tow truck wants you and your friend dead. Just saying.

  • A couple fulfills their dream of owning a bed and breakfast without checking whether or not it had a haunted and deadly past. Amateur mistake.

  • Follow Elena on her quest to find her father and save spirits from their horrible fates in Night Light Interactive's ghostly adventure.

  • Demons feast on the soul of an unsuspecting young female because that's what demons do in the supernatural film by David Spaltro.

  • A modern slasher film that breathes life into a genre that deeply needs it.

  • A short film by Ian Kane that makes you wish you didn't live alone, you sad bastard.