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  • In the Dark

    In The Dark Cover

    Demons feast on the soul of an unsuspecting young female because that's what demons do in the supernatural film by David Spaltro.

  • The Town That Dreaded Sundown

    The Town That Dreaded Sundown Cover

    A modern slasher film that breathes life into a genre that deeply needs it.

  • The Visitor

    The Visitor Cover

    A short film by Ian Kane that makes you wish you didn't live alone, you sad bastard.

  • The Evil Within: The Assignment DLC

    The Evil Within Dlc The Assignment Poster

    Discover the whereabouts of Detective Juli Kidman and what her true intentions are in this first released DLC for The Evil Within.

  • Slender: The Arrival

    Slender The Arrival 08

    Explore your surroundings. Gather the pages. Run for your life.

  • Cut!

    Cut Cover

    When making a horror movie, business partners decide actually killing people will be better than having a plot and actors. 

  • Infernal

    Infernal Cover

    The fears of every parent are then realized: time out doesn't do a goddamn thing when your child happens to be possessed by demonic forces.

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil Hd Remaster Poster

    Capcom remasters a horror classic in beautiful HD that will make you giddier than a school girl hunting zombies.

  • Creeper

    Creeper Cover

    No one is safe on the internet. Not even crazy 20-something bitches.

  • Lights Camera Booze

    Lights Camera Booze Poster

    Binge drinking to your favorite movies with friends (or alone, you sad bastard) just became more fun and easier thanks to this handy cinematic guide!

  • Zombie Ani-Motion Animated Mask

    Zombie Ani Motion Mask 01

    HalloweenCostumes.com delivers a decent mask, guaranteed to fulfill all your convenience store hold-up needs!

  • The Croning

    The Croning Laird Barron 01

    A children's fairy-tale, cracked wide open to reveal a chilling and most unreal picture of the world we live in. Welcome to The Croning.

  • The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Vs. Dracula

    Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Vs Dracula 01

    Find out what happens when the world's greatest detective meets up with the world's most notorious vampire.

  • Zombie Eye for the Living Guy: Look Undead, Cook Undead, Dress Undead, & Live Undead

    Zombie Eye For The Living Guy Large

    Learn to walk, talk, dress, smell and act like a flesh-hungry corpse before it becomes too cool to do so!

  • The Return of Dr. Fu-Manchu

    The Return Of Dr Fu Manchu 01

    Sax Rohmer (such an awesome name) brings you mummies, plague cats, Asian assassins and a villain with infamous facial hair, all before people knew what the hell a Kindle was.